Bare Minerals: Baring it all
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Bare Minerals: Baring it all

Last year, in a world-first campaign, Captify piloted dynamic video powered by Search Intelligence with Emirates Airlines. Since its feature in The Drum last year, other global brands have been getting in on the action, seeing the benefit of video powered by Search Intelligence.

Sam Packer, Captify’s Director of Video said;

“Captify has been able to pre-qualify audiences that we know for a fact will engage with a brand or be interested in a product for a long time, but we have now taken it to the next stage”

Earlier this month Captify were shortlisted for ‘Best Video campaign’ at The Wires with Dentsu Aegis for Bare Minerals, one of the world’s most widely used make-up brands. Deep diving into the Bare Minerals audiences, Captify were able to raise awareness of the barePRO foundation range by identifying relevant moments and inner-life interests linked to product usage. Search Intelligence gave Bare Minerals certainty that they were only reaching and paying for their target audience.

Captify’s work with Bare Minerals achieved 73% higher engagement rate and 63% higher time earned vs target. Unique post campaign brand insights also offered a deeper level of measurement simply not accessible in the world of video. The unique insights continue to feed the loop demonstrating the impact of the campaign on consumer sentiment attached to the Bare Mineals brand.

Ahead of Captify’s next phase of dynamic video innovation, Sam said;

“Dynamic targeting in video has previously been limited to a few basic data sets (demo, location, weather etc) but by enabling advertisers to inform their video creative with Captify’s Search Intelligence we can start tapping into the inner-life interests, life moments and passions to deliver a deeper level of personalisation and engagement.

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