Search-powered creative: a brand’s new superpower
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Search-powered creative: a brand’s new superpower

Where dynamic data meets dynamic, intelligent creative experiences 

For almost a decade, Captify has been at the forefront of delivering the most relevant and fresh audiences to brands through Search Intelligence.

Now, with the launch of Captify’s award-winning search-powered Creative Studio, we’ve taken it up a notch to bring data and creativity even closerfusing these two often segregated worlds to deliver greater efficiencies for brands and more meaningful conversations with consumers. 

Across CTV, video, audio, shoppable creatives, and displaybrands and agencies can partner with Captify’s Creative Studio to use insights and intelligence to not only inform interactive creatives but to power mass segmentation and dynamic creative strategies, without massive production costs.

Get inspired by downloading Captify’s Creative Studio pack and get in touch via

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