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Captify And Smart Partner To Combine the Immediacy of Search Intent Data With Premium Publisher Supply For More Efficient Programmatic Buying

Through Captify’s Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI) product, programmatic buyers can activate dynamic audiences powered by real-time search data at scale by creating custom cross-publisher deals within Smart’s premium, safe inventory ecosystem

Captify, the global leader in Search Intelligence, and Smart AdServer (“Smart”), the leading independent ad tech built to provide the most direct link between buyers and publishers, today announced a global partnership designed to make programmatic buying more efficient, more important today as brands further rely on digital media to offset lost revenue attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic. The partnership between the two companies will provide buyers with access to audiences powered by Captify’s privacy-first, scaled search data ecosystem overlaid against Smart’s premium inventory through the creation of custom cross-publisher deals. 

Captify’s off-the-shelf dynamic and strategic customized audience segments are built from billions of real-time onsite connected searches, and when fused with Smart’s premium publisher inventory, offers programmatic buyers an exclusive gateway to a 100% brand-safe environment. This enables buyers to access inventory from a number of premium publishers at once, through a single Deal ID in their DSP of choice, bringing the transparency of direct deals without sacrificing scale. 

Captify will be using Smart’s world-class innovative and vertically integrated “Smart Buyer Connect (SBC)” platform, to enable the activation of Captify’s audience segments in combination with Smart’s targeting parameters – including format and performance criteria. This allows buyers to forecast reach and also create, update and optimise custom-curated deals on Smart’s high-quality publisher supply. This can be done either through self-serve or on behalf of their advertiser, agency and trading desk clients.

This partnership is critical to European programmatic media buyers as:

– There is a need for more privacy-compliant, dynamic & fresh search data that delivers intent, with consent in the programmatic space.

– Captify’s dynamic search data reveals a brand’s most receptive—and often unexpected—audiences in real-time moments of consumer consideration and intent, going beyond demographics and stale segments.

– Advertisers need to feel confident that their brand will appear in the most brand-safe and relevant environments.

– Media efficiency is enhanced, as advertisers can access inventory from a number of premium publishers at once, quickly and simply, through a single Deal ID in their DSP of choice. In a context of value path optimization where both cost and operational efficiency are key, this provides them with the same transparency of direct deals, without sacrificing scale.

– Advertisers can ensure that every euro invested in media drives bottom line revenue multiples

Vincent Pelillo, President Europe at Captify, said:

“People are constantly searchingThe ‘always-on’, dynamic nature of Search generates continually evolving, fresh audiences – not overused, stale data segments. We’ve been working hard as a business to solve the industry problem of poor data efficacy in a privacy-compliant way. At a time when brands need to have the highest confidence and the best results possible, this partnership means programmatic buyers no longer need to settle for data with a shelf-life by combining our data with Smart’s premium top-tier supply for a double win.” 

David Pironon, Chief Programmatic Officer at Smart commented: “This partnership with Captify is a great milestone for Smart, as it will bring easy access to highly targeted audiences at scale for advertisers. It also creates great value for our publishers, through additional quality demand; in a context where highly relevant data is becoming scarce, our partnership with Captify brings great alternatives for publishers to enhance the value of their inventory in an effective yet privacy-compliant and brand-safe manner.”

Advertisers and publishers interested in increasing their marketing efficacy through Captify’s Programmatic Search Intelligence can learn more here.

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