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Adweek: Independent Ad-Tech Firm Captify Nabs Ex-Comcast Exec, Brendan Condon as CRO

Extracted from Adweek, author Kaila Mathis

Brendan Condon, with 35 years of experience in TV advertising, is joining the Search Intelligence company

Former Comcast executive Brendan Condon is joining Captify, the second largest independent holder of search data behind Google, to drive company growth worldwide. Condon’s role will be primarily concerned with the TV, CTV and video programmatic landscape to target programmatic buyers and brands.

Condon brings with him 35 years of experience within TV and digital advertising. Previous roles include chief revenue officer at Comcast Advertising, svp at AOL and svp at Time.

“Having sat at the intersection of linear and new age media, Brendan is the missing link on Captify’s leadership team to bridge these worlds together for us, in order to deliver a vision that fits with the modern marketer, while simultaneously accelerating the next stage of growth for Captify,” said CEO Dominic Joseph.

Condon was appointed following the addition of Tom Rogers, former president of NBC Cable and founder of CNBC and MSNBC as chairman.

“We’ve got the unique search data, we’re leading on how search-powered audiences are available to CTV and video buyers, and now we’ve got 35 years of experience in TV advertising to connect it all together,” Rogers said.

Captify is positioning itself as a search intelligence company for programmatic buyers and brands, connecting real time consumer searches to provide industry insights. The tool pools online search data from publisher and ecommerce sites to build full-funnel audiences for advertisers, all without the use of third-party cookies.

The acquisition of well-known heavy hitters in the industry is indicative of a larger trend of brand marketers and analysts moving to independent ad tech to target specific audiences. Captify is able to provide that without the use of cookies due to its relationships with publishers.

“By maintaining a steadfast dedication to innovating and future-proofing its tech stack and search data-driven advertising products, the world’s biggest brands can continue to rely on Captify for growth even as questions around cookies persist,” Condon said.

Creative and innovative ad tech has been booming this year, with companies searching to revolutionize the brand marketing space with solutions oriented around ease and accessibility. Sprinklr is providing real-time reporting and analytics to brand marketers for video ads in TikTok. RhythmInfluence is catering to influencer marketing by offering an end-to-end managed service solution. Criteo is simplifying retail media with a self-service ad platform.

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