Broadcasting & Cable: LiveRamp Adds Captify Search Data For CTV, Addressable TV
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Broadcasting & Cable: LiveRamp Adds Captify Search Data For CTV, Addressable TV

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Captify, which gathers search data from the web, is bringing that information to the connected TV and addressable TV market through an integration on the LiveRamp platform.

Search data provides consumer intent, helping to target ads to people who are most likely to be in the market for specific products or particular occasions.

For example, a company looking to increase sales of paper goods can identify and reach adults searching for “birthday parties,” “graduation celebrations” or holiday events and find people in the market for paper plates, napkins, and other supplies.

Captify gathers search from the open web, outside of the major search engines. “We see about a billion searches a day from about 70% of internet users in the U.S., Matthew Papa, Senior VP of Global Partnerships at Captify told Broadcasting+Cable.

“Traditionally it built audiences enabling programmatic buyers to target via display, mobile and online video,” said Papa. Now, working with LiveRamp, its segments are available for brands buying CTV and addressable linear environments.

“We’re helping provide MVPDs, content providers, and CTV channels with access to that search intent data, to create better outcomes for their marketers,” he said.

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