Business Insider Names Captify One Of The ‘Hottest Adtech Companies of 2020’
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Business Insider Names Captify One Of The ‘Hottest Adtech Companies of 2020’

Extracted from Business Insider, author Lauren Johnson

The coronavirus hit the adtech industry hard in 2020.

Advertisers cut ad spend in March, which meant less money for the digital ad firms that live off ad spend. Adtech companies also continued to fight for scraps from the triopoly of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Apple and Google’s upcoming moves to kill third-party cookies threatened to upend longstanding ad targeting practices, leading firms like The Trade Desk and LiveRamp to roll out ID initiatives to future-proof themselves and look for others to back their efforts.

The acceleration of streaming TV during the pandemic also led more adtech companies to chase TV ad dollars.

And adtech firms that specialize in helping marketers navigate Amazon expanded to Walmart, Instacart, and Target as those retailers beefed up their advertising businesses.

Funding remains hard for adtech companies as investors look for businesses not tied to seasonal and often rocky ad spend with recurring revenue models. Still, firms focused on solving problems in digital advertising like TVision DoubleVerify raised money. Other firms looked to go public as Wall Street fell back in love with adtech due to broad macroeconomic changes.

Here are the 18 adtech companies that are best adapting to all these changes, based on our reporting and more than 50 nominations, looking at factors like revenue, funding raised, and reputations.

We specifically looked at the issues that comanies are trying to solve — from the demise of ad targeting with third-party cookies to the rise of ad-supported streaming TV. This year’s list emphasizes the growing number of companies pitching ways to help marketers change how they target as Google and Apple clamp down on third-party cookies. We also highlighted a star to know from each company.

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