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Comcast Executive Brendan Condon Joins Search Intelligence Company Captify as Global CRO

Captify taps TV heavyweight executive to steer company growth as it continues on its mission to bring search data into pioneering programmatic environments including CTV and video, for advertisers to reach the most addressable audiences without reliance on third-party cookies, Google or Amazon

Captify, the global leader in Search Intelligence, today announced that former Comcast executive Brendan Condon has been named Global Chief Revenue Officer, charged with driving company growth worldwide for Captify. 

As the largest independent holder of search data outside of Google, Captify uses its Search Intelligence Technology to connect real-time searches from more than two billion consumers, delivering a more holistic and connected view of consumers at scale. Specifically, Condon will lean into his vast expertise and experience in the TV, CTV and video programmatic landscape to accelerate Captify’s adoption amongst programmatic buyers and brands, globally.

As brands continue to lose confidence in Google, Amazon and Facebook, there is an increasing reliance on independent ad tech players like Captify, to solve the major challenges that every CMO is faced with right now. Hailed as a powerful search alternative to Google for brands, Captify’s vast pool of onsite search data, gathered from publisher and ecommerce sites, builds fresh and custom scaled, full-funnel audiences for advertisers to activate in pioneering programmatic activations, such as Captify’s recently launched search powered CTV, video and audio. More importantly, the company has the ability to do all this without the reliance on third-party cookies, something many other partners are not ready for yet. 

Captify is set to stand out in relation to the industry’s cookie developments with its approach to delivering intent with consent, demonstrating that contextual solutions are not the only option for addressability in a post-cookie era. Captify’s deep-rooted relationships directly with publishers create the backbone of its cookieless strategies, supporting both advertisers and publishers with the tools, technologies and innovations needed to navigate these changes. 

Condon joins Captify at a time when there is a growing trend in heavy hitters moving to independent ad tech, especially partners uniquely aligned with the future of the digital advertising’s mammoth changes. He brings more than 35 years of TV and digital experience in leading sales and senior executive roles at Comcast, AOL, AOL Time Warner and Media Property Holdings and established industry incumbents, uniquely positioning him as the perfect fit to scale Captify to its next level of growth. He was most recently Chief Revenue Officer for Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, where he managed a team of more than 1,500 sales executives to deliver over $2 billion in revenue. 

“Brendan is a leading figure in our industry, bringing to the table a wealth of experience in scaling businesses globally, as well as deep sector knowledge in TV, Video and Digital advertising. At a time when brands and consumers alike are shunning traditional broadcast and TV, Captify has been working closely with Fortune 500 brands on giving them access to search data in CTV environments. Consumer-centric brands are seeking a licence to engage with audiences on consumers’ terms for maximum relevancy – and search data does just that,” said Dominic Joseph, chief executive officer, Captify. “Having sat at the intersection of linear and new-age media, Brendan is the missing link on Captify’s leadership team to bridge these worlds together for us, in order to deliver a vision that fits with the modern marketer, while simultaneously accelerating the next stage of growth for Captify. I’m really excited to partner with him to do that.”

“During a true watershed moment for the digital advertising industry, I’m extremely proud to join Captify, a company that has laid the right foundations to stand up against significant industry changes in privacy and identity – both existing and unknown – and position itself as an important and independent search alternative to Google,” said Condon. “By maintaining a steadfast dedication to innovating and future-proofing its tech stack and search data-driven advertising products, the world’s biggest brands can continue to rely on Captify for growth even as questions around cookies persist. From my perspective leading sales at firmly entrenched companies, I’ve come to see Captify as a cutting-edge disruptor that’s leading the way on a number of the industry’s most pressing challenges.” 

This news comes following Captify’s 2018 appointment of industry titan Tom Rogers, as Chairman. Rogers is well-recognized for his time as the President of NBC Cable and founder of CNBC and MSNBC. After NBC, Rogers served as president and CEO of TiVo – which changed TV viewing behavior forever, giving viewers unimagined control over how they watched TV through the introduction of DVR. 

Speaking on the appointment of Condon, Rogers said:

“Brendan Condon brings exciting expertise to Captify’s business. We’ve got the unique search data, we’re leading on how search-powered audiences are available to CTV and video buyers and now we’ve got 35 years of experience in TV advertising to connect it all together. No doubt about it, we’re experiencing seismic shifts in where marketers are moving their ad spend, with millions of dollars falling out of traditional TV and a huge pendulum shift towards more qualified audiences that drive better targeting and more customers. CMOs still want the big brand fame that TV advertising delivers, but also fame in the boardroom – bringing back a better return on ad spend to their business.’

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