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Engage: Captify Expands Italian Presence With The Hiring Of Plinio Macella As Senior Sales Lead

Extracted from Engage, author Caterina Varpi

Captify announces that Plinio Macella will join the company’s commercial team in Italy, as Senior Sales Lead. Meanwhile, the company has also appointed Amelia Waddington as Global Vice President of Product.

Plinio brings a wealth of knowledge around the programmatic ecosystem and deep understanding of the challenges that brands and agencies are facing right now. He will be in charge with continuing to grow Captify’s footprint in the Italian market, growing the adoption of the company’s suite of privacy-first Search Intelligence products across audience planning, programmatic media activations, and insights in a post-cookie world.

Macella joins Captify from AdKaora, where he led the growth of the company’s agency portfolio over the past four years. As Captify’s Senior Sales Lead, Macella will focus on enhancing Captify’s position as a consultative partner that fuels efficient programmatic strategies and search0powered addressable targeting for advertisers. More specifically, he will manage key accounts and client relationships across Italy with top agencies across Dentsu, WPP IPG and Omnicom groups.

Captify Search Intelligence technology is capable of offering full-funnel strategies, omnichannel programmatic media, and real-time insights, attracting global brands such as Amazon, Volkswagen, Nintendo, Samsung, and Suzuki, as well as Italian brands such as Enel and Tim.

“For brands and advertisers who are preparing for the post-cookie world and looking for fresh, privacy-compliant intent data, Captify’s search-powered  Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI) technology solves the lack of consumer intent and recency of data available in the programmatic ecosystem,” said Vincent Pelillo, Captify’s EU President. “We are excited to welcome Plinio to the Captify team, where his strong industry knowledge and rich experience will fuel the growth of our differentiated technology and strengthen our reputation as a go-to partner for some of the top brands and agencies in Italy.”

Plinio Macella added: “I am excited by Captify’s significant growth trajectory, with its unique dataset, advanced technology and insights that position the company as a key partner for brands and agencies to access what they need right now – dynamic audiences that keep up with today’s fast-changing environment, and the ability to continue activating programmatically as the industry transitions into a new era. Captify is here to inform efficient, search-powered strategies for brands and advertisers and I am excited to take part in solving one of the Italian industry’s most challenging journeys.

Captify also welcomed former LiveRamp Measurement & Data Science Product Head Amelia Waddington as the Global Vice President of Product. She brings nearly a decade of experience of driving product strategy and vision focused on identity and measurement solutions, underpinned by expertise across data science, machine learning, and analytics. In that context, she will help define the company’s global product roadmap and strategy as Captify invests in a future that delivers intent into a cookieless world to continue empowering advertisers and publishers with high-performing, search intent-driven targeting and connected insights.

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