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Forbes: 5 Takeaways From An Amazon Prime Day

The coronavirus pandemic has driven more consumers to shop online this year, increasing demand at retailers led by Amazon AMZN -2.7%, but it may have also cooled some of the appetite for Amazon’s sixth annual Prime Day shopping extravaganza.

As scorecards have trickled in on how the world’s biggest online retailer fared on its self-created shopping occasion, Amazon said Prime Day sales this year topped last year’s, and it inked the two biggest days ever for its third-party sellers, made of mostly small and medium-sized businesses. Third-party sellers sales rose nearly 60%, to $3.5 billion, on Prime Day, Amazon said.

Amazon’s U.S. Prime Day spending rose 36% from last year’s, according to e-commerce research firm Edison Trends. Digital Commerce 360, meanwhile, estimated Amazon’s global Prime Day sales rose 45% this year, to $10.4 billion.

However, absent in the company’s release this year were the kind of boasts in other years’ announcements about Prime Day setting another record to become the company’s largest shopping event. Last year, Amazon said its two-day Prime Day event topped the previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

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