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MediaPost: Back-To-School Flip-Flop – Mental Health Effects Of Pandemic Surface In Search Queries

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which reported 135 new COVID-19 cases in the past week, including 130 students, will shift all undergraduate fall courses to remote instruction.

As schools flip-flop re-opening plans that continue to stress out students and parents, the mental health effects of the pandemic and the return to school continue to surface in search engine queries.

Most search terms related to students returning to schools have climbed — with searches related to mental health 4.3 times higher, and those related to social and peer interactions 2.7 times higher. Other terms related to school also had higher-than-average searches between July 12 and August 12 compared with just a month or two earlier.

Captify compared sentiment in March and April — when schools first began to close in the spring — to mid-July to mid-August, during the fall re-opening. The data also identified the leading reasons for returning to schools.

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