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Captify, PubMatic Make Dynamic And Live Search Data Available To Programmatic Buyers

In a partnership that brings search data to programmatic advertising, Captify and PubMatic will allow advertisers to curate custom Private Marketplace (PMP) deals by mapping dynamic and live audiences built from billions of real-time onsite searches.

Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI) uses Captify’s search intelligence and combines it with PubMatic’s platform, designed to improve how programmatic advertisers buy and publishers transact on audience data.

Amanda Martin, VP of enterprise partnerships at the Goodway Group, believes brands will see faster results as a result of the partnership between Captify and PubMatic.

The offering aims to solve the shifts in consumer behavior based on changes and priorities to identify audiences that have emerged because of COVID-19.

Publishers until recently have been limited in their ability to sell ad inventory and data side-by-side on demand-side platforms (DSP). PubMatic’s Audience Encore platform now allows publishers that have their own first-party data to begin monetizing it directly in the programmatic environment alongside their existing ad inventory sales.

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