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MediaPost: Captify’s Matthew Papa – What The Open Web Can Learn From Calls To Nationalize Global Supply Chains

From Captify’s SVP of Global Partnerships, Matthew Papa

2020 was expected to be a defining year for many publishers in terms of growth and profitability. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly reversed fortunes for many of these publishers.

That’s because the moment it became evident to the advertising industry that it would be living with COVID-19 for many months, billions of dollars in pre-booked advertising suddenly evaporated. Execution method be damned — programmatic or direct — it didn’t matter, the money vanished.

What’s more, despite the nonstop news cycle that has characterized the past few months and digital media consumption at all-time highs, stalwarts of the open web are seeing massively compressed revenue. Google, Amazon, and Facebook haven’t been immune to the downturn either, but have since said revenue has stabilized.

Advertisers have been in retreat mode over the past few months, but there are ways publishers can solve that issue.

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