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MediaPost: Travel Returns, But Not How Marketers Might Expect

It’s no secret that the world’s tourism industry has been one of the hardest-hit verticals by COVID-19, with an estimated loss of $1.2 trillion during the span of just four months, according to Captify. The data shows those who live in the cities are most ready to travel again, representing a bit more than 30% of those with a positive sentiment toward travel.

Still, nearly 65% of consumers are concerned about their health and safety and remain cautious, especially tourists, business travelers and grandparents.

Among those who are ready to get on the road, the following destinations have seen a huge search boost compared to pre-lockdown, early January to mid-March:

  • Portugal (search interest increased 5.8 times)
  • Croatia (search interest increased 5.7 times)
  • Turkey (search interest increased 5.5 times)
  • New Zealand (search interest increased 2.7 times)
  • Not surprisingly, search interest for travel has decreased in countries hit the worst by COVID-19, including France, Italy and the U.S.

Want to find out more travel trends? Read the full article on MediaPost.

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