The Drum: Happy Data Privacy Day! 13 Experts Share Predictions For What’s To Come
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The Drum: Happy Data Privacy Day! 13 Experts Share Predictions For What’s To Come

Extracted from The Drum, author Kendra Clark

Amid ongoing changes to Google’s plans to replace third-party cookies, Apple’s increasingly stringent (albeit questionably enforced) privacy policies, a growing wave of both proposed and adopted consumer data protection regulations, advancements in ad tech and privacy lawsuits galore, there are more than a handful of key factors shaping our data privacy landscape today.

In honor of Data Privacy Day, we asked top data, privacy and media professionals how they predict things will shape up in the next year. What might our world look like on Data Privacy Day 2023?

Fiona Davis, Chief Operating Officer at Captify:

Big tech’s solutions, like Google’s Topics, will meet new privacy requirements but will fall short of advertiser needs. Combined with antitrust legislation and negative consumer sentiment, this creates an opportunity for open web solutions to step in and fill the void, championing more independent publishers and eating into big tech’s share of the pie.

In addition to this, we will see a shakeout in the ID space. Some IDs will develop a defensible regulatory position, but many IDs – specifically the ones that effectively equate to fingerprinting – will face legal challenges that will render them unusable.

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