The Unexpected Audiences Brands Need to Know About This Spring
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The Unexpected Audiences Brands Need to Know About This Spring

Consumer behavior is rapidly and drastically changing, and brands need fresh data that monitors how motivations and mindsets are shifting to pinpoint live intent as consumers enter the next phase of the pandemic. Captify’s search-powered audience PMPs refresh every 5 minutes to keep up with these constant and unpredictable shifts as new, in-market audiences emerge. 

Volume 1 of Captify’s Trending Audience Recommender showcases six emerging audiences uncovered through search, across travel, gifting, celebrations, life milestones and dating. Any of Captify’s trending, off-the-shelf, or custom audiences can quickly and seamlessly be activated through Captify’s pioneering Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI) solution—dynamic PMPs powered by real-time intent data—to drive brand awareness, consideration, and sales.

Explore Live Audiences:

  • Forget-me-notters: in-market searching to buy gifts for themselves or others
  • Party Unpausers: ready to move on from virtual parties and searching for in-person celebration ideas
  • Vaccine Passporters: searching to get away from home and travel with others
  • Home Preeners: ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to tidying, searching for DIY cleaning solutions
  • Fast Trackers: have made major life changes in this past year, they are now searching around them
  • In-person Daters: prepping for those face-to-face dates and searching for out-of-home beauty, fitness, and dating ideas

To activate these or any of Captify’s off-the-shelf or custom audiences, request a Deal ID by contacting

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