Search Intelligence empowers you to define your strategy, execute, and measure it with complete confidence

We’re solving challenges and delivering impressive results for the world’s biggest brands—from driving 31x brand uplift for Bose, broadening audience appeal for Jack Daniel’s to powering a 68% performance increase for Old El Paso.

So whether you’re looking to get closer to your customers, shift brand perception or win new business—we’ve got you covered.

Partner to 800+ global brands across verticals and all major agency holding groups, covering 150+ agencies.


Uncover brand, market and audience insights that give you the strategic edge

Our search-powered insights allow you to keep a pulse on evolving consumer mindsets, trends, attitudes towards your brand and more. You can get your hands on these through our self-serve platform, Sense, or via our team of in-house strategists and analysts.

Leverage this intel to pinpoint emerging audiences, supercharge your marketing strategy and stay ahead of the competition.


Arm yourself with the audience intel that matters

Search data reveals a myriad of activities, moments and interests that matter most to you, opening up the potential to connect with new audiences, including the non-intuitive.

Identify the right moments to reach people based on their needs and wants, and pinpoint profiles that align with your  brand and help you conquest competitors.

We also tailor your campaign to your specific needs—so you can stretch those all important media dollars even further.


Supercharge brand growth through omnichannel  activation

No matter what the KPI, our Search Intelligence powers seamless activation of data-driven creative across:

Channels, devices and formats

Buying methods— through curated PMP’s, managed service and self-serve

Green Media—measure, reduce and remove the carbon from your campaign

These search-powered activations ensure that you get in front of the right audiences, without wasting media budget. Smart right?

  • Advanced CTV
  • CTV
  • Display
  • Video
  • Rich Media
  • Addressable Linear TV
  • Conversational
  • Interactive Video
  • Dynamic Video
  • Native
  • Audio
  • DOOH

Create high-impact brand experiences

For that extra campaign boost, you can tap into our award-winning Creative Studio, enhancing your assets with dynamic features and formats powered by Search Intelligence.

Create high-impact brand experiences

For that extra campaign boost, you can tap into our award-winning Creative Studio, enhancing your assets with dynamic features and formats powered by Search Intelligence.

Create high-impact brand experiences

For that extra campaign boost, you can tap into our award-winning Creative Studio, enhancing your assets with dynamic features and formats powered by Search Intelligence.


Measure your advertising impact beyond the click

Our post-campaign insights use search data to connect the dots, so you can measure the true impact and effectiveness of your campaigns across channels, and without the use of third-party cookies—find out more about search-powered contextual.

We find the added value, with post-campaign measurement and insights that are unique and actionable. We take you beyond traditional KPIs so you can uncover cool ways to further optimize your campaigns.

Search Uplift

Analyze brand and category search impact amongst those audiences exposed to your ad so you can determine campaign success.

Search Dynamics

Uncover shifts in search behavior and trends amongst your brand, audiences and industry to understand the true impact and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Audience Analysis

Identify consumer interests, mindsets and motivations around your brand, product or category to influence campaign targeting and messaging.

Net Searcher Sentiment

Discover changes in audience sentiment towards your brand and competitors using our behavior-based version of Net Promoter Score.


Deep dive into how much time was spent paying attention to your ad, through outcome studies to validate whether attentiveness led to action.

TV Search Lift Study

Understand the direct effect of your campaign with our revolutionary TV Search Lift Study, providing insights previously not available in the TV landscape.

Make sense of your world with Search Intelligence at your fingertips

The first integrated platform that provides a window into the world of intent data—empowering you to drive effective strategies, advanced audience planning and instant activation.
Sense gives you direct access to dynamic audiences, market-moving trends and crucial insights so you can act and react with confidence.

“Google Trends on steroids”

Chris Ashworth | Head of Strategy, Dentsu Aegis Network

Don’t take our word for it…

"Captify's powerful data-driven audience strategy was crucial in allowing us to identify buyers and sellers and connect with them at key stages of the journey."

Toby Foy | Head of Media Investment, eBay

Don’t take our word for it…

“Applying Captify’s consumer intent to create the most relevant experiences with the big screen, for all of our brands, is an invaluable addition to our capabilities."

Neil Robins | Head of Data Strategy and Precision Marketing, J&J

Don’t take our word for it…

“Captify have been a great partner for Heineken business and our Birra Moretti campaign specifically. Their ability to unlock new audiences through intent data is extremely valuable for our planning and activation with Captify and across other channels.”

Olya Dyachuk | Data Driven Media Director, Heineken

Don’t take our word for it…

“By delivering a holistic understanding of search journeys, revealing intuitive and non-intuitive connections and unlocking lifestyle triggers that suggested an affinity for the product—Captify helped us in bringing the Sleepbuds to the audiences that need our product.”

Jorma Kremser | Global Consumer Marketing, Demand Activation, Bose

Don’t take our word for it…

"Old El Paso saw an opportunity to reach incremental new households with more individualized messaging...this level of creative optimization isn’t something we’ve been able to do before."

Aditi Hilgers | Head of Meals, General Mills

Don’t take our word for it…

"Captify insights bring a deeper, richer understanding to consumer behaviour. They're a key source in helping us find big new opportunities and ideas."

Hamish Kinniburgh | Global Chief Strategy Officer, UM

Universal McCann

Solving brand challenges and driving better results

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