Drive Consumer Engagement with Search Powered Conversational Ads
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Drive Consumer Engagement with Search Powered Conversational Ads

Consumers are changing the way they interact with brands. The ability to explore a brand and product is more important than ever before. Brands are expected to open a two way dialogue with consumers; on the one hand offering consumers the chance to continue exploration past the initial search phase and on the other enabling themselves to better understand what their consumers want.

This year, Captify partnered with Octaive, an industry leader in bringing the interactive power of Chatbot technology to the world of programmatic display, to enable consumers to continue exploration from search into interactive environments to aid product discovery. The result is  Search Powered Conversational Ads

These ads combined with Captify’s premium search data influences the purchase journey by enabling customers to further explore the product past the search phase. Conversational ads also offer unparalleled feedback directly from the customer in real-time, and drive unrivalled personalisation at scale, as well as increased consumer engagement. 


Captify uses unique, rich search data to build qualified in-market and relevant audiences for brands and products based on their profiles, trigger moments, interests and intent signals. The conversational creative, launched from a DMPU to drive engagement at scale, is populated with frequently asked questions in that category to allow further exploration on the product. Users are offered the chance to ask questions about the product and matched with  pre-programmed answers created by the brand, in real-time, guiding them down the funnel and influencing purchasing decisions. The value to the brand is the ability to understand the most important aspect of the product to the consumer through their questions, allowing the brand to streamline future elements of the campaign based on the consumer’s points of interests and feedback.


Create immersive & meaningful interactions to in-market audiences revealed through Search Intelligence

Enable the consumer to further explore the product past search into interactive environments

Reduce the research phase for high consideration purchases by up-skilling the potential buyer & guiding them down the funnel

Generate unparalleled actionable declared data & insights from conversations


Get in touch to unlock the endless creative and personalisation opportunities offered by Search Powered Conversational Ads. Email for the full low down.

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