Making first-party search data actionable

Historically a blind spot for publishers, Captify extracts value and insight from onsite search data to build intent-driven audiences, tell search-powered stories and take real-time action, increasing the value of audiences and inventory. 

Join the 1300+ publishers and media brands already doing more with search.

Intent-powered platform for publishers

Sense is a privacy-centric platform built to make real-time decisions based on the live pulse of search across the open web, powering advanced audience analytics and monetization to improve performance, grow revenue and drive increased yield.

“Captify goes beyond Google Trends, launches unique Publisher Suite in Intent-Powered Platform, Sense.”

- Laurie Sullivan, Journalist and Editor, MediaPost

Audience intelligence like never before

Understand consumer intent through search on owned and operated properties, and benchmark this against trends happening across the wider landscape.

Dig deeper into audiences by gaining visibility into market trends, audience insights and consumer intent from around the web, allowing publishers to benchmark against audience profiles, brands and domains within their own network. Armed with this knowledge, publishers can enrich and scale segmentation strategies to better monetize audiences.


Brand Uplift



Sales intelligence grows revenue

Uncover new, high-value revenue streams by building fresh audiences and validating onsite audience intent.

With a unique understanding of audiences, sales teams can provide advertisers with real-time audience validation that they can’t find anywhere else, creating stickier relationships with buyers. Uncover new demand sources, consistently deliver performance for advertisers and maximize yield for every impression.

Insight to uncover hindsight and foresight

Search-powered killer insights to optimize decisions and discover trends, before they are trending.

This is where publishers access the needle-moving information they need to fuel more impactful business decisions. More than just proprietary search, Captify sees the macro search trends and audience behaviors happening at scale across the open web, providing visibility into industry SOV, live media consumption trends and a holistic view of audience behavior throughout the consumer journey.

Insights to influence editorial strategy

Tap into macro and site level search trends to capture reader attention with content they care about.

Deeper analysis of content consumption behaviors empowers editors to get to the heart of what readers want, in the moment they want it. Create consistently high-quality content that truly aligns with current audience interests, stands out amongst competitors and builds trustnurturing reader loyalty and growing paid subscribers.

Say hello to voice technology

Transformational technologies powering engagement, conversations and conversions.

Captify is at the forefront of getting brands ready for the behavioral shift towards Voice, with first-to-market technology for leading brands to deliver voice navigation capabilities with visual responses directly on site properties.

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Get ahead with the hindsight, insight and foresight needed to uncover trends before they are trending.