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We extract value and insight from onsite search data to help you to build intent-driven audiences, tell search-powered stories and power smarter decisions based on a live pulse of search across the open web.

Join the 1500+ publishers and brands already doing more with search.

Welcome to the first search-powered audience platform for the open web

Whether you’re sitting on a goldmine of first-party search data, or it’s a complete blindspot—we empower you to understand and activate search-driven insights from across the open web.

Utilize Sense alongside your DMP and analytics tools to enrich your audiences like never before:

  • Better understand the intent of your audiences, benchmarked against the Captify network
  • Reveal consumer, brand and market trends based on a live pulse of real-time search
  • Build actionable intent-driven audiences

Drive ad sales

Deliver winning sales pitches with compelling search-powered stories

Attract advertisers

Discover hidden search signals of your audience to attract new and non-endemic advertisers

Improve RPM

Monetize high-performing audiences through programmatic channels to maximize sell-through rate

Increase traffic

Create editorial content that speaks to who’s truly on your site, taking away the guesswork

Unlocking a unique, data-led targeting methodology for The Independent

Search is the best indicator of intent. Fact. Take a look at how The Independent utilized Sense to deep dive into their audience behavior and spear a new content strategy


increase in CTR


increase in-view time

Don't take our word for it

"Through Sense, we optimised our approach of using a data-led process of analysing which audiences advertisers wanted to reach, by creating them with the knowledge that we had found all connected terms, obvious, intuitive and unintuitive."

Jo Holdaway | Chief Data & Marketing Officer

Don’t take our word for it

"Captify brings strong and diverse demand to the table, connecting our supply with advertising that fits the distinctive wants and needs of our audiences."

Stephen Windegaard | Commercial Group Head Programmatic EMEA & LATAM, Future

Don’t take our word for it

“It’s key for publishers and advertisers to have access to datasets that complement their own first-party data, and Captify’s dynamic search data has been an important part of our strategy. Understanding broader consumer trends happening outside of your own world…is critical, especially when this type of data will become increasingly rare post-cookie.”

Giacomo Giuriani | European Director, Forward, lastminute.com's media company