Access the largest onsite search dataset outside the walled gardens

What happens when you unleash the most inventive technology
on the largest onsite search dataset outside the walled gardens?

Search Intelligence.

1 billion +
searches a day.

2 billion +

6 million +
websites from 1500+ publishers.


It's Fresh

So you can base decisions on what’s happening right now, not what happened 6 months ago.

It's Explicit

So you can understand interest and needs in the moment.

It's Granular

So you can target precisely and definitively.

It’s Comprehensive

So you can see across the entire customer journey, not just the point of purchase.

We turn search data into actionable intelligence

Once we’ve gathered up the data from our publisher partners, we get to the hard (and fun) part. We have over a decade of experience in building semantic models that incorporate natural language processing and machine learning. In English, that means we’ve built a robot that can understand how humans speak (or type in this case), look at where they’ve been, and tie those things together to understand their intent.

This understanding is what sets us apart. This is Search Intelligence.

The Search Intelligence Graph stores all the ‘ah-ha!’

We have vast, deep knowledge of how searches relate to other searches and websites visited.

It’s how we know that people who search for a certain car model have also visited pages about tax credits for electric vehicles on financial sites, or news about chip shortages. The Search Intelligence Graph holds this, and a whole lot of other “ah-ha!”

That’s why everything we build is connected to the Search Intelligence Graph. That’s how we deliver more ‘ah-ha!’ to you. Get in touch, bet we’ll surprise you.

Search Intelligence in action for


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Search Intelligence in action for


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