Technologies that make connections to create connections

Search data is undeniably the most powerful truth set in marketing. Captify’s range of proprietary technologies unite to collect, connect and categorize billions of real-time search events from 2.3bn consumersultimately turning raw consented search data into fresh audiences, killer insights and better-performing advertiser products.

We call this Cookieless Search Intelligence.

Semantic logic

With a decade of machine learning and natural language processing, we’ve built the industry’s most advanced semantic technology. Computational semantics look beyond a search keyword, to make sense of onsite search data and get clever with contextual to deliver the most holistic view of intent across multiple languages.

Captify’s Cookieless Search Ontology connects intent signals

Captify stitches together live consumer search behaviors to enable a deep, granular understanding of the customer journey across profiles, interests, moments and intentall without the reliance on third-party cookies. 

Captify’s Search knowledge graph is fueled by fresh, first-party search data at scale and powers audiences and segmentation products that are more dynamic and better performing than typical stale taxonomy data segments.

  • Profiles
  • Interests
  • Moments
  • Intent
  • Custom Classification

Independent and integrated

Captify is an independent trusted search force, integrated with the industry’s leading technologies allowing Search Intelligence to be activated across the open webnot restricted by walled gardens.

Technology in action for


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Technology in action for


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Say hello to the future of Search. Captify’s Voice technology

Consumers are ready for a voice-enabled world. Brands, publishersit’s time to get ready for a huge behavioral shift beyond Amazon Alexa and Siri. Captify is at the forefront of getting brands ready for a voice-enabled world with voice search and navigation solutions that can be enabled directly onsite to deliver a visual responses to voice commands.