Access the largest onsite search dataset outside the walled gardens

Our dataset is the largest real-time panel that exists, thanks to search signals we collect throughout the consumer journey.

1 billion +
searches a day.

2 billion +

3 million +
websites from 1500+ publishers.


It's Fresh

Unlike stale datasets, so you can base decisions on what’s happening in real-time

It's Unbiased and Unprompted

No need to rely on surveys and panel data to understand your consumers

It's Specific and Granular

So you can target precisely and definitively

It’s Comprehensive

So you can see across the entire customer journey, not just the point of purchase

We turn search data into actionable intelligence for your campaigns

  • Strategy—Discover unique insights about your brand, consumers and marketplace that give you a competitive edge through better audience-building and targeting.
  • Activation—power omnichannel cookieless activation, from digital, online video, TV to DOOH. Activate via managed service, curation, or self-serve.
  • Measurement & Insights—uniquely understand the impact of your advertising and overall business outcomes.

Search Intelligence unlocks all the ‘ah-ha!’ you’ve been missing

We have vast, deep knowledge of the relationship between searches made and websites visited.

It’s how we know that people who search for a certain car model have also visited pages about tax credits for electric vehicles on financial sites, or news about chip shortages.

That’s why everything we build is connected to Search Intelligence, and that’s how we deliver more ‘ah-ha!’ to you. Get in touch, bet we’ll surprise you.

Search Intelligence in action for


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Search Intelligence in action for


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