Solving brand challenges
and delivering relevant
audiences at scale with
Search Intelligence

Solving brand challenges
and delivering relevant
audiences at scale with
Search Intelligence

We empower companies to access, understand and activate search intent from the open web, on any channel

Understanding of true consumer intent is what allows brands to connect with audiences. Search data is the best indicator of intent, which is why we ingest over a billion searches every day to build the truest representation of consumer intent on the planet.

That data fuels our unique Search Intelligence technology, which enables omnichannel programmatic advertising and real-time insights for the world’s biggest brands.

To put it simply, we enable our customers and partners to better relate to and engage with people.


Search Intelligence puts the best data
to work for you

We ingest privacy-compliant search data from over 6 million websites, on over 2 billion devices, in 5 languages. We’ve been obsessing over our AI-powered semantic models for 11+ years, so they’re really good at classifying and organizing this data into what we call the Search Intelligence Graph – the source of truth that powers everything we do.

For Advertisers

Enhance every phase of your marketing—from strategy through to measurement

  • Uncover relevant target audiences
  • Programmatically reach the best audiences across channels, even in TV
  • Discover unique insights and emerging trends
For Publishers

Better monetize your audiences and inventory to increase yield

  • Find out things you didn’t know about your audience
  • Attract non-endemic advertising spend
  • Bring new programmatic and direct demand

The world’s most successful brands trust Captify

You’re in good company—we count over 800 of the world’s most influential brands as clients, covering every major vertical.

Don’t take our word for it…

“Applying Captify’s consumer intent to create the most relevant experiences with the big screen, for all of our brands, is an invaluable addition to our capabilities."

Neil Robins | Head of Data Strategy and Precision Marketing, J&J

Don’t take our word for it…

“Captify have been a great partner for Heineken business and our Birra Moretti campaign specifically. Their ability to unlock new audiences through intent data is extremely valuable for our planning and activation with Captify and across other channels.”

Olya Dyachuk | Data Driven Media Director, Heineken

Don’t take our word for it…

“By delivering a holistic understanding of search journeys, revealing intuitive and non-intuitive connections and unlocking lifestyle triggers that suggested an affinity for the product—Captify helped us in bringing the Sleepbuds to the audiences that need our product.”

Jorma Kremser | Global Consumer Marketing, Demand Activation, Bose

Don’t take our word for it…

"Old El Paso saw an opportunity to reach incremental new households with more individualized messaging...this level of creative optimization isn’t something we’ve been able to do before."

Aditi Hilgers | Head of Meals, General Mills

Don’t take our word for it…

"Captify insights bring a deeper, richer understanding to consumer behaviour. They're a key source in helping us find big new opportunities and ideas."

Hamish Kinniburgh | Global Chief Strategy Officer, UM

Universal McCann

We’re onto something, and the industry has noticed

Captify’s team is regularly recognized for its innovations and next-level excellence.