What’s Captifying
the world right now?

A whole world of search data exists outside of the walled gardens

It’s explicit, it’s fresh, it’s vast, and Captify is the only way to access it.

A whole world of search data exists outside of the walled gardens and Captify is the single largest holder of this expansive pool of first-party search data. For 800+ of the world’s top brands, Captify’s Cookieless Search Intelligence delivers intent with consent, to power pioneering programmatic advertising such as CTV, Addressable TV, Video, Native, and Display to deliver new customers and convert themwithout reliance on third-party cookies.

Because only fresh data will do

Consumers don’t stand still, neither should the data that powers your media.

Captify has created the industry’s only privacy-first, scaled onsite search data ecosystem built to pinpoint the exact moment of consumer interest and intent. Refreshing every 5 minutes, the data cloud delivers the most real-time and high-performing audiences and connected insights at scale.

Finally, the immediacy of Programmatic meets the immediacy of Search

Captify PSI

Activate the most relevant audiences for faster and more effective results.

Captify’s pioneering Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI) uniquely fuses multi-channel media with Search Intelligence, solving the lack of consumer intent and recency of data available in the programmatic ecosystem. PSI gives brands the control to activate and seize the most relevant audiences instantly, through any DSP.

For Advertisers

A trusted partner for brands, every strategic step of the way

Captify’s data, insights and fresh audiences play a crucial role for marketers, powering end-to-end strategy and full-funnel activation for every outcome.

For Publishers

An innovation partner that delivers real publisher growth

Captify provides publishers with the tools needed to validate and expand audiences, boost revenue and prepare for a world without third-party cookies.


From big brands with even bigger ambitions to DTC brands with growth missions, Captify delivers results for advertisers and relevant experiences for consumers.

What's Captifying the world right now?

Get ahead with the hindsight, insight and foresight needed to uncover trends before they are trending.