Meet Captify’s Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce
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Meet Captify’s Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce

It’s not enough to say you’re anti-racist. We have committed to action for change.

Earlier in the summer Captify’s Founders, Adam Ludwin and Dominic Joseph appointed Captify’s D&I Taskforce – a global team of people to partner with our leadership team to drive forward our knowledge, our actions and our D&I accountable results.

And this is them.

We’re making waves on our plan. In action –
– Our D&I purpose and mission is set
– A global Captify Day of reflection and education is booked later this month
– Built our D&I Education Hub
– Changed of language from ‘black and white lists’ to ‘inclusion and exclusion lists’
– Created partnerships with 2020 Change and Brixton Finishing School to exchange learnings and support
– Planning our internal educational events involving our founders and investors and the wider industry
– D&I training for our leadership team, to cascade to all managers

We know there is so much more, we as individuals and united as a company can do to overcome systematic racism and to foster a culture of inclusion and equality.

We’ll be sharing more as our journey continues in a bid to help and inspire other companies on a journey too – stay tuned!

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