Taking Ownership of Your Career to Land Your Dream Role
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Taking Ownership of Your Career to Land Your Dream Role

Meet Veronika—one of our Engineers in Ukraine. Starting out as a Machine Learning Engineer in 2018, Veronika has since moved into a software engineering role within her team at Captify.

Hi Veronika—tell us about your journey transitioning from your first role to your current role. How did you realise that you wanted to make the move?

With a background in Mathematics and Data Science, my initial career aspirations were to work in data. When I joined Captify as a Junior Machine Learning Engineer, I soon realised that I was more excited by pure engineering work than training models or conducting data analyses.

My transition was not fast, as an ML Engineer was quite broad and I was able to take on work that was more engineering-oriented. After some time, I realised I was gravitating towards Software Engineering. 

What support did you get to make that move?

Transitioning to a software engineering role was made easy by Captify’s supportive environment. Captify fosters open career discussions with managers, allowing you to express growth aspirations as well as allocating work which aligns with your desired career direction. 

I shared my interest in Software Engineering with my manager, and they continued to give me engineering tasks and projects. More experienced colleagues supported my development, teaching me skills like Scala. I also utilised resources provided by Captify for engineers, such as online courses and opportunities to attend tech conferences.

What were the challenges when you moved and how did you overcome those?  

Change in Focus:  As a software engineer, I needed to shift my focus from designing and creating models that solve specific problems towards building robust and efficient software applications. To overcome this, I immersed myself in learning software development principles, design patterns, and best practices. 

Coding Proficiency: Software engineering demanded a higher level of coding proficiency. I faced challenges in writing clean, modular, and maintainable code which I overcame by studying codebases of well-designed applications, participating in code reviews, and seeking feedback from experienced software engineers.

Soft Skills and Communication: I worked on improving my communication skills, actively participated in meetings, and learned to document my work comprehensively.

What do you find most exciting working as an Engineer for Captify?

Interesting Projects and Continuous Learning: Captify’s dynamic environment with engaging projects that ensure there’s always something new to learn and resources available to aid that learning.

Integrating New Technologies: The freedom to introduce and adopt new technologies that align with team goals and enhance the codebase.

Engineering-Wide Projects: Leading and contributing to company-wide engineering projects at Captify has been empowering, fostering teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

Wellness Focus: Captify’s commitment to mental health and work-life balance, including therapists and flexible hours, reflects the company’s genuine concern for its employees’ well-being.

Diversity and Inclusion: Captify’s implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives creates an inclusive environment where all perspectives are valued, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration.

Growth in Management and Individual Contribution: Captify’s commitment to fostering growth in both managerial and individual contributor roles offers a versatile path forward for employees.

Tell us some of your biggest learnings since you’ve been with us? 

The value of continuous learning and adapting to evolving technologies and methodologies is essential for staying relevant in the field.

The pivotal role of collaboration, combining technical skills with cross-functional teamwork leads to successful outcomes.

What are you most excited about for your future at Captify?

I’m excited about my ongoing professional growth at Captify, namely the opportunity to expand my skill set, take on more responsibilities, and contribute to increasingly complex projects promises a rewarding journey of skill refinement and career advancement.

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