7 Questions With Last Year’s Media Rocks Winner, The Vials From PHD
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7 Questions With Last Year’s Media Rocks Winner, The Vials From PHD

As Media Rocks 2019 approaches, we speak to last year’s winner, The Vials from PHD, to see how it felt winning media’s ultimate battle of the bands.

Congratulations on being crowned last year’s Media Rocks champion, what did it feel like to win?

It was a great feeling! We were told to “give up our day jobs” by Mumford & Son’s Ben Lovett, which was pretty funny due to the context…the atmosphere was really great too. It’s also cool to be on this year’s poster!

How would you describe Media Rocks in three words? 

Fun, rowdy, intense.

How did Media Rocks compare to your usual gigs?

It was much rowdier. The drinks were flowing, the crowd was moving and the atmosphere was intense. I remember being very nervous before playing, but the feeling of playing to that full room was amazing. Omeara is a much better venue than we normally play at, with really great sound. We also don’t get judged after we play normally so that was novel!

Where did the inspiration for your band name come from?

Last year we were actually called ‘Phelanto & the Vials’, which came from a Twitter handle would you believe it (very media). We dropped the first bit because we thought it sounded too much like a solo artist and a band, when really we’re a very collaborative band musically. ‘Vials’ – I’ve always liked the word. I think I first learned the word as a child in a computer game…

Who is most influential to your music?

We each have different tastes, but they generally meet in the middle somewhere. Some major influences are Pinback, The Smiths and Radiohead.

What have you been working on in the past year?

We recorded and self-released an EP, Still, and played a sold out launch gig at the Hope & Anchor in October, which was loads of fun. We have been taking a break since then but will be working on new music in the new year.

Who do you think will be crowned media’s ultimate band at this year’s Media Rocks?

I think it could be Concrete Age’s year. We thought they might win last year actually. They’re technically brilliant and put on a great show, so good luck to them!


The Vials will return to the main stage for an exclusive opening performance at this year’s Media Rocks.

>>>Buy your ticket now.

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