Captify Launches Search-Powered Addressable TV, Strengthening Advertisers’ Ability To Reach In-Market Audiences And Deliver The Ultimate Personalized Viewing Experience
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Captify Launches Search-Powered Addressable TV, Strengthening Advertisers’ Ability To Reach In-Market Audiences And Deliver The Ultimate Personalized Viewing Experience

For the first time, advertisers will be able to use intent-rich search data to power their advanced addressable TV strategies. Through a new partnership with LiveRamp, they can now reach prequalified viewing audiences based on their search behavior in the most immersive environment and on the biggest screen through their MVPD or AVOD of choice

Broadcast advertising remains a critical part of an advertiser’s strategy. It promises broad reach, a lean-in experience, and the ultimate platform to tell a story. With so much choice available for audiences, competition is fierce for viewers’ attention making it more important than ever to create relevant experiences that work harder to successfully keep that attention.

As consumption habits have changed, advanced technology has evolved to improve the viewing experience. When set-top box addressable advertising was introduced, it changed the TV game with the ability to target audiences at the household level, rather than by program. But the data powering these campaigns has been limited to standard segments and lacking in recency, meaning advertisers may have the eyeballs that TV promises, but there is a good chance they don’t have the right ones. 

In this first-to-market solution, Search-powered Addressable TV empowers advertisers to truly personalize their broadcast buys, bringing a deeper level of targeting that hasn’t been available until now— significantly maximizing the consumer experience. 

The power of search for better advertising and better outcomes

Captify’s Search Intelligence harnesses the vast world of explicit search that exists across the open web to build in-market audiences for advertisers’ campaigns across any KPI and business goal.

The freshness of the data pinpoints early signals of interest, fast-tracked life moments, sporadic and trigger moments, consumer passions, all the way through to immediate purchase intent, building more efficient, effective, and impactful audiences at scale. 

Through Captify and LiveRamp’s new partnership, advertisers can now power advanced TV strategies with dynamic data that is rich with consumer intent, no longer needing to rely on assumptive data that won’t deliver truly personalized messaging. For example, a CPG brand aiming to drive sales for paper goods, can reach adults searching for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, holiday hosting events, and find consumers in-market for these paper goods, as opposed to a demographic based on age and gender. 

Captify x LiveRamp partnership

With this partnership, advertisers can directly activate Captify’s search-powered audiences through their MVPD or AVOD of choice. Households viewing the same show at the same time will see different ads based on their unique search behaviors—driving efficiencies, creating a consumer-first experience, and maximizing the value of their budgets. 

‘Addressable strategies are rapidly scaling as consumer and advertiser expectations for relevancy are increasing at a rapid rate,’ said Jay Prasad CSO TV at LiveRamp. ‘Through this new partnership, advertisers can combine an intent-rich dataset like search with the at-home viewing experience, bringing a level of personalization to the living room that improves both the advertising experience for the user and buying efficiency and strategy for the marketer.’

‘This strategic partnership with LiveRamp gives Captify clients the access to search intent fueled audiences that have been largely absent from the TV ecosystem,’ said Matthew Papa, SVP of Global Partnerships at Captify. ‘During this transformative period in the television market, we are thrilled to bring the power of search for consumer insights and activation to this landscape not only for advertisers but to also help channel owners improve the value of their inventory and price based on fulfilling the promise of precisely targeting the right audiences.’

Regardless of how a consumer is watching video content, across linear TV, CTV or OTT, Captify can reach an advertiser’s in-market audience on any screen. Get in touch with for more information about Captify’s Search-Powered Addressable TV product and to find out how to get started today. 

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