AdNews: CTV’s Next Shift – What It Means For Agencies And Brands
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AdNews: CTV’s Next Shift – What It Means For Agencies And Brands

Extracted from AdNews, Author Captify’s GM of Australia Krish Raja

CTV’s star has been rising steadily for the last few years, but with a number of new entrants and business models continuing to fragment the market, brands are facing an evolution of their media plan staple diet. We’re going well in Australia – we pave the way globally within programmatic CTV thanks to innovative and focused broadcasters and ad-tech providers. But the space is about to undergo another shake up.

Ahead of a revolutionary few years in the space, Captify’s GM Krish Raja sits down for a chat with Head of Biddable at Spark Foundry Greg Cattelain to look at what’s to come for this industry and how brands might pivot their thinking.

Morning Greg! You’re a programmatic veteran in relative terms, and so you’ve probably seen every acronym and buzzword under the sun. In the context of the big screen and all that comes with that, what does addressability mean to you?

Lots of people think that addressability is one-to-one, but as CTV is often a shared experience it is more a one-to-many definition.

Therefore, addressability on CTV needs to be redefined as ‘better knowing who you’re addressing with your ad’. That’s literally what it should mean, but we still think it exclusively means one-to-one targeting. When it comes to understanding who is watching, log-in, particularly for BVOD is particularly valuable, but there are several other ways you can address ads. Those ways need to coexist alongside log-ins and publishers should embrace technologies that support them on that journey.

Why’s that? Surely person-based advertising is better than not person-based?

The way we target CTV today is good. Logged-in data is here to stay and is likely to expand in pretty much all mediums in the future – CTV is one of the main content mediums that’s really worth logging in for so there’s a strong user value exchange. But unfortunately, these audiences are pretty scarce, which can rapidly increase the price of inventory and can be a deterrent for advertisers. It’s not because it’s “person-based” that we should lose sight of the efficiency/effectiveness ratio.

Want to find out more? Read the full interview on AdNews.

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