Advanced Television: Sky Media Partners with Captify
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Advanced Television: Sky Media Partners with Captify

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In 2023, Sky Media launched Search Behaviour Targeting, allowing brands to target TV audiences based on online search behaviours. Following strong advertiser uptake, Sky Media has enhanced its partnership with Captify, a specialist in real time audiences and insights fuelled by search intelligence, offering even more granular targeting for brands.

With 1.5 billion UK searches tracked each month, the number of categories available for advertisers has more than doubled to eighteen off-the-shelf audiences, meaning greater targeting options and granularity. Alongside this, sectors such as ‘Holidays’ and ‘Home Improvement,’ have been introduced. Sky Media has also enabled bespoke audiences through a custom request process.

This allows advertisers to tap into Captify’s list of custom categories, including everything from ‘Pet and Animal’ Interests to ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Fantasy Sport;’ combining Captify’s custom categories to create a bespoke target audience for their campaign.

Brands such as British Airways Holidays have utilised the ‘Travel’ search behaviours to expand their campaigns to reach active holiday seekers, as well as kitchen retailers who have targeted those looking to improve their homes.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) were one of the first advertisers to embrace Sky Media’s Search Behaviour Targeting to great success for their Prison Officer recruitment campaign*. AdSmart enabled the MoJ to reach households that had been searching online for ‘Jobs’ and ‘Education’ in the last month, combined with regional targeting around key prison recruitment areas. As a result, the MoJ saw a 170 per cent uplift in prompted ad recall from those exposed to the ads versus the unexposed audience, which was a 24.3 per cent uplift.

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