Authority Magazine: Captify’s Jason Tsai On The Top 5 New Marketing Trends Leaders Need To Know
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Authority Magazine: Captify’s Jason Tsai On The Top 5 New Marketing Trends Leaders Need To Know

Uncertainty — We’ve all been hearing words like “recession,” “cost of living,” “energy crisis,” “layoffs,” etc. but I think there’s a broader theme of uncertainty that is underlying all of this. There is no historical precedent for what we are going through, so nobody knows what to expect. Since there’s no “playbook,” marketers will optimize for agility and will seek out real-time sources of truth that can accurately tell them what’s happening now, so they can react quickly as people continue changing their behaviors at breakneck speed.

Marketing trends are always changing, and it’s so important to stay relevant. What are the latest trends? How does one stay abreast of the new trends? Is it good to be an early adopter or is it best to see which trends withstand the test of time? To address these questions, in this interview series, we are talking to experienced CMOs who can share their “Top 5 New Marketing Trends That Leaders Need To Know About.” As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Tsai of Captify.

With 20+ years of marketing experience, Jason’s career includes tenures at Visa, CBS Interactive, Universal McCann, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. The diversity of his experience across brands, agencies, and publishers has given him a unique perspective on brand building, bringing cutting-edge products to market, and telling stories that resonate with advertisers. He joined Captify in 2021 because he realized the potential of their data and technology assets. Now, his mission is to enable others to realize that potential.

Discover the top marketing trends to look out for this year here.

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