Campaign: Female Frontier Awards 2023 Winners—Transforming Technology
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Campaign: Female Frontier Awards 2023 Winners—Transforming Technology

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The winner in this category is Amelia Waddington, SVP of product, Captify.

Leading 57 employees across Captify’s global product, technology and insights teams, Amelia Waddington has transformed the firm from a managed service to a platform, programmatic-first business. 

Equipped with a PhD in computational neuroscience, Waddington led her team to revolutionise Captify’s cookieless solutions, tackling one of the biggest challenges clients face today, and doing so a full two years before Google’s own deadline. 

The judges said: “Amelia is transforming a company that is dominating the technology space within the world of advertising and the fact she is leading that change is exceptional. What gives Amelia the edge is yes, numbers, but she puts the client at the heart, which is why she is making the impact she is.” 

Read more about Amelia’s achievements here.

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