Captify Launches Search-a-Like Audience Technology
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Captify Launches Search-a-Like Audience Technology

New capabilities, launching out of beta, scales first-party data against matched search behaviors to enable better targeting amid cookie deprecation


NEW YORK, May 21, 2024- Captify, the leading Search Intelligence Platform for the open web, today announced the launch of Search-a-Like audiences, a new tool that helps brands maximize their first-party data. Previously only offered to select users in beta as Audience Amplifier, this capability is now widely available for all clients. 


With the third-party cookie phaseout now underway, brands are putting more of an emphasis on the use of first-party data for audience targeting. This new tool combines a brand’s first-party audience data with Captify’s rich, explicit, and real-time onsite search data network, the largest holder of onsite search outside the walled gardens, to reach qualified, hyper-relevant audiences at scale. 


Captify matches an advertiser’s audience data with its search data network to understand which topics and content are of most interest to that first-party audience. This insight is then used to find similar consumers across every channel. This new technology allows advertisers to activate against these audiences in a DSP of their choice using Captify’s cookieless or cookie-based technology. Advertisers can then measure the impact of their campaign against their specific KPIs. Clients using this offering have seen a 5 percentage point increase in VTR.


Utilizing Search-a-Like audiences helps advertisers leverage their first-party data, fill blindspots in their audience, scale up their audiences through deterministic search data, maximize their budgets, and find and engage new customers. Search-a-Like audiences can also activate premium audiences within 48 hours across all channels and devices, through any DSP.


“As third-party cookies gradually get phased out, having a strong first-party dataset will become critical for advertisers,” said Amelia Waddington, Chief Product Officer at Captify. “Our new audience amplification tool will enrich advertisers’ understanding of their first-party data by unlocking deeper insights and identifying new audiences for them, helping them maximize the possibilities of their own data assets and driving better campaign results. Search is one of the best indicators of consumer intent, so by tying their own data with Captify’s search data, advertisers will have a much better idea of consumers’ real-time interest and sentiment around their brand.” 


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About Captify

As the largest holder of onsite search data outside the walled gardens, Captify is the leader in realtime audiences and insights, fueled by Search Intelligence. Captify’s solutions power pre-campaign strategy, programmatic activation, and unique measurement for the world’s biggest brands. 


Connecting searches from over 3 million websites globally, Captify helps brands understand consumer interests, motivations, and mindsets. Search behavior provides a view of consumer intent, which is then made actionable through machine learning technology. Search Intelligence fuels flexible, cookieless, omnichannel solutions, to bring brands new, real-time audiences, publishers greater yield, and consumers the most relevant digital experiences.

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