Digiday: Here Are The Super Bowl Ads That Performed Well, According To Analysts
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Digiday: Here Are The Super Bowl Ads That Performed Well, According To Analysts

Extracted from Digiday, author Michael Bürgi

Super Bowl LVI, which saw the L.A. Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in a close game, and a halftime hip-hop performance that celebrated an earlier generation of talent, ended up being a relative crowd-pleaser, if not a hugely memorable affair.

The advertisers that plunked down an estimated $6.5 million per 30 seconds of time advertising during the Big Game certainly hoped their spot broke through the clutter — as several polls took the temperature of general consumer sentiment toward the ads — from the long-running USA Today poll to several ad-trade polls.

What’s interesting in this data-obsessed world is the number of research companies that cranked out their assessments of the most memorable and performative ads of the night. Here’s a sampling of insights:


Search data company Captify found in its assessment that travel-themed information broke through in generating search results, citing lift for ads for booking.com (158 percent up from the week before), Turkish Airlines (up 368 percent and Expedia (up a massive 623 percent) as delivering. Interestingly, even though Captify examined gambling and crypto trends, among the latter, its insights showed crypto.com attracted a higher search-result increase (122 percent) than Coinbase (63 percent), despite the buzz around Coinbase’s minimalist spot.

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