ExchangeWire: Captify & Forward Release New Research Revealing the Consumer Trends Propelling the Travel Industry Today
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ExchangeWire: Captify & Forward Release New Research Revealing the Consumer Trends Propelling the Travel Industry Today

Extracted from ExchangeWire

Captify, the global leader in Search Intelligence, and Forward, the media and marketing arm of, the European Travel-Tech leader in dynamic holiday packages, have teamed up to reveal market-changing travel trends across the UK and Europe, driven by macro-level shifts triggered by the pandemic. Through a combination of their unique data sets of billions of onsite searches, collected across six European markets, and transactional booking data from’s network of websites, the research illustrates changes in behaviours and emerging audiences that will shape the future of travel

Travel brands are emerging from a volatile two years and are faced with complex challenges as they seek to re-engage consumers who have not travelled in years, and whose behaviours and preferences have undergone massive shifts. Brand marketers need to know how they should be adjusting their strategies to reach the same consumers as they did pre-pandemic. They also need to be able to uncover opportunities to communicate with new audiences that have emerged, as a result of behavioural changes. The combination of intent-driven search data, and transaction data creates the ultimate truth set for today’s traveller.

Key trends and findings include:

  • A critical emerging audience, Sustainable Travellers, has grown by more than 8.3X in the UK and 3.4X in the EU. This group is actively seeking more information on eco-travel, zero waste travel, eco, and green accommodations, carbon offsetting, etc. 
  • Another high-growth audience, Wellness Seekers, has surged across both the UK and Europe—with a 10.7X and 3.2X increase, respectively—fuelled by a growing generation of travellers looking to integrate wellness into their trips
  • Changing restrictions and reduced flexibility triggered last-minute trips, between  2020 and 2021, last-minute trips surged for travellers, with flight bookings made less than up to 2 weeks in advance growing from 25% to 42% of total flight bookings in Europe
  • Extended trips are also a major new trend, with stays of 3-4 weeks and 1-3 months increased by 25% for European travellers and 40% for UK travellers. 

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