ExchangeWire: CTV— The Trends For 2023
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ExchangeWire: CTV— The Trends For 2023

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In the first article in the ExchangeWire 2023 predictions series, experts from across the advertising industry examine what the future may hold for connected TV (CTV), one of the most eagerly talked-about mediums. With two of the largest streaming platforms, Netflix and Disney+, soon to launch advertising offerings, there is no doubt that interest in CTV marketing is set to grow further in the coming months.

Harnessing data sources

We will see a continued emergence of curation technology, with the aim of simplifying the CTV buying process. Most agency holding companies have built out their own AV teams to focus specifically on CTV and improve efficiency of delivery for their clients, so technology that supports this shift is likely to proliferate.

For the ecosystem as a whole, we should harness the variety of different capabilities and data sources that are available. For instance, we’ll see increased focus on intent signals as these capabilities start to enter the space. Digital specialists in these areas should work closely with broadcasters, bringing their expertise to build on the shoulders of giants and add real value. If we can accomplish this together, we’ll see the best of both worlds and the ecosystem will flourish. We are already seeing both sides recognise this and I expect them to continue on the path to convergence.

– Steve Pereira, UK President, Captify

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