The Drum: How Can Brands use Data to Predict the Unpredictable?
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The Drum: How Can Brands use Data to Predict the Unpredictable?

The responsibility of marketers to communicate effectively with customers based on their wants and needs is becoming more and more difficult – to the point that they are having to predict the unpredictable. So how can brands stay close to their consumers?

It’s been a wild 12 months, with the convergence of a pandemic, recession, inflation and war having an unprecedented impact on consumer behavior. For marketers, whose job it is to stay close to the consumer, these behaviors are becoming increasingly difficult to anticipate.

By focusing on the right signals and leveraging intent data in different forms, marketers can turn uncertainty to their advantage to stay in touch with customers, say leaders from Captify, Uber Advertising and Tripadvisor.

When it comes to anticipating consumer trends, Uber Advertising has a huge advantage of knowing in real time where a consumer is traveling and what they intend to shop and eat. “We know if you’re going to Heathrow on a holiday and we know we’re picking up from Heathrow or coming home or you’re a tourist,” explains Paul Wright, head of Uber Advertising UK & Ireland. Uber can then blend that intent data with behavioral data to target. He points to a recent example of a campaign targeting tourists in London that purposely had no media wastage by avoiding London citizens.

Interested in finding out more? Read the article in full on The Drum.

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