Balancing Parenthood and Professional Growth: An Interview with a Capti-Parent Embracing Parental Leave
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Balancing Parenthood and Professional Growth: An Interview with a Capti-Parent Embracing Parental Leave

Meet Kenneth, our National Director of Programmatic Sales at Captify North America. In his role, Kenneth oversees the programmatic sales strategies and incentives across the country. However, at home, his main role is as a ‘dad’ to three young children. 

As a parent of three who’s been with the company for 3.5 years now, we wanted to hear from him how Captify has enabled him to be present both in and outside of work with the utilization of our parental leave policies. 


How did taking your parental leave impact your overall well-being and personal/professional life?

Taking parental leave had a profound positive impact holistically on my life. It provided me with the opportunity to actively participate in the care of my child and strengthen my bond with them. The time away from work allowed me to recharge, gain perspective, and come back with renewed focus and dedication.


Awesome, and what support or resources did you receive during your parental leave that you found particularly beneficial or helpful?

During my parental leave, Captify provided me with invaluable support and resources. I had access to regular communication (if needed) with HR to address any questions or concerns I had during my time away. The company also offered resources such as parenting workshops, online forums, and helpful guides that offered guidance on various aspects of parenthood. This support system was instrumental in making me feel valued and supported during my leave.

Another aspect that was particularly valuable was the company’s flexible leave program, which allowed me to maneuver and use my time off in a way that was most beneficial to me and my family.

With this program, I had the freedom to structure my leave in a manner that aligned with the needs of my growing family. Instead of taking my full leave in one continuous block, I was able to split it into smaller periods to address specific milestones or events that required my presence and support. This flexibility allowed me to be there for important moments while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

By offering such a gracious and thoughtful program, Captify demonstrated a deep understanding of the diverse needs and circumstances of its employees. It alleviated any concerns I had about taking time away from work and gave me the confidence to prioritize my family’s well-being without sacrificing my commitment to my professional responsibilities.

The ability to customize my leave not only enhanced my personal and family life but also facilitated a smoother reintegration into the workplace. I was able to return to work feeling rejuvenated and ready to contribute, knowing that I had the opportunity to create a meaningful and uninterrupted bond with my child. This level of accommodation and support from Captify greatly contributed to a seamless transition back into my role and fostered a positive and inclusive work environment.


We’re so glad to hear that! Did Captify’s parental leave policy and benefits enhance your overall job satisfaction?

It significantly enhanced my overall job satisfaction and loyalty to the company. The generous and inclusive policy demonstrated the company’s commitment to its employees’ well-being and work-life balance. By providing ample time off and ensuring a smooth transition back to work, Captify showed that they value their employees as individuals with personal lives and responsibilities. This support and understanding fostered an even further sense of loyalty and commitment within me.


Were there any specific initiatives or programs Captify implemented during your parental leave that you found valuable in terms of transitioning back to work?

Captify implemented a phased return-to-work program, which I found immensely valuable in transitioning back to work. This program allowed me to gradually increase my workload and responsibilities, easing the transition and ensuring a smooth reintegration into the workplace. Additionally, the company provided access to training and workshops focused on work-life balance and managing the demands of parenthood while maintaining productivity. Even now, Captify recently launched Capti-Flex Sessions, which formally allows parents and caregivers to attend events like sports day, school conferences and plays, etc. for a few hours without having to use leave or feel any guilt. These initiatives created a supportive environment that helped me navigate the transition effectively.


What advice or suggestions would you give to other employees who are planning to take parental leave based on your own positive experiences?

Based on my positive experiences, I would advise other employees who are planning to take parental leave to communicate openly with their managers and our HR department about their leave plans and expectations. It’s important to have transparent discussions about workload distribution, deadlines, and any potential challenges that may arise during the absence. Additionally, I encourage employees to fully embrace the leave period, disconnect from work, and focus on their family and personal well-being. Utilize the resources and support provided by the company, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or guidance.


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