What’s Captifying the world: Smart vacuum brand iRobot Roomba cleans-up brand share of search as consumers declutter to move house
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What’s Captifying the world: Smart vacuum brand iRobot Roomba cleans-up brand share of search as consumers declutter to move house

We all remember the panic buying days, with toilet rolls flying off the shelves and pantries stockpiled to the max. 

11 months into the pandemic, mindsets have shifted in the opposite direction—people are now decluttering their life and spring cleaning their homes.

Roomba cleans-up share of search

In relation to this shifting mindset, searches around replacing and upgrading old tech are up 135% and consumers are turning to smart home cleaning gadgets to make life easier—this is reflected in these gadgets commanding a greater share of search relating to decluttering and cleaning mindsets than traditional cleaning products.

iRobot’s Roomba® Vacuuming Robot commands a 57% share of decluttering and cleaning searches, a notable 128% YoY uplift in share of search for the smart vacuum and consumer robot brand.  

Search interest around the award-winning Roomba is focused around connectivity and compatibility with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistantreflecting a greater interest in smart home gadgets and how they complement existing at-home devices.

  • iRobot Roomba—57%
  • Clorox—17%
  • Ariel—10%
  • 3M—9%
  • Finish—7%

Despite the focus on smart gadgets, consumer interest in cleanliness and germ protection is still high— household FMCG/CPG brands Clorox, Ariel, 3M, and Finish collectively command a 43% share of decluttering and cleaning searches.

At the start of the pandemic, Captify’s Impact Insights Study uncovered a 747.6% search increase for disinfectant spray, 595.2% uplift for disinfectant wipes, and 228.5% uplift for Clorox. 11 months later, Clorox is still one of the most searched for FMCG/CPG brands that consumers continue to rely on. 

Making room for more

Captify analyzed billions of searches from Jan 1-Feb 23 2020 vs Jan 1-Feb 23 2021 to dive deeper into the triggers driving the rise in the decluttering and cleaning mindset.

Our platform uncovered that big life moments are prompting consumers to declutter and make room for new priorities, including those in a ‘nesting’ mindset who are expecting a new baby, with the top indexing moments being:

  • Moving House’—21.1X
  • New Parent’—4.1X
  • Expecting’—3.4X
  • New Pet’—2.2X

This is also further reflected in the audiences searching the most around decluttering and cleaning: Stay-at-Home Parents, New Parents, and City Dwellers.

These consumers are also motivated to declutter and clean by a desire to relax and improve quality of life, based on the top indexing micro-moments and interests being:

  • ‘Treat Yourself’—21.2X
  • Unplug’—6.9X
  • ‘Relaxation’—6.8X

Consumer mindsets around cleaning and decluttering are shifting, from a chore to a form of relaxation.

Tapping into mindset triggers through Search Intelligence

Consumers often search for solutions to their problems and needs. For brand marketers, this means looking at triggers to mindset shifts, and not just the behavior itself, to gain an even deeper understanding of what motivates consumers in today’s fast-changing world. 

Search Intelligence data provides fresh and dynamic insights that give brand marketers a more holistic and connected view of consumers at scale and in real-time.

Get in touch to understand how shifting mindsets might impact your brand or vertical.

*Data sourced from Captify’s global network from 01/01/20-02/23/20 vs 01/01/21-02/23/21


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