The only cookieless solution with Search Intelligence
at its core

Search Intelligence + Context = precise targeting and maximum reach

With search-powered contextual, you can go beyond standard contextual analysis to understand consumer intent, interests, mindsets and attitudes.

We’re not new to this game. We’ve been building cookieless audiences and activating cookieless campaigns for years.

Your post-cookie challenges are solved

The good news is that there’s no change to how you work with us in a post-cookie world—you can still understand and reach audiences, achieve top-tier performance and effectively measure your campaigns.

Cookieless advertising that performs

Search is the best indicator of consumer intent. Fact. So it’s no surprise that search-powered contextual outperforms both standard contextual and cookie-based solutions. Just take a look at the results…


better performance
vs cookie-based campaigns


more cost effective
than standard contextual

Cookieless measurement:
unlock the true impact of your campaigns

Our post-campaign insights use search data to connect the dots, so you can measure the true impact and effectiveness of your campaigns across channels—without the use of third-party cookies. Take a look at our insight packages below…

Search Uplift

Analyze brand and category search impact amongst those audiences exposed to your ad so you can determine campaign success.

Net searcher sentiment

Discover changes in audience sentiment towards your brand and competitors using our behaviour-based version of Net Promoter Score.


Deep dive into how much time was spent paying attention to your ad, through outcome studies to validate whether attentiveness led to action.

Share of search

Measure your brand’s search volume compared to competitors, and deep-dive into your brand versus competitors to uncover opportunities for conquesting.

Brands are driving better results with search-powered contextual

Some of the world’s leading brands, such as Heineken, are already using search-powered contextual across their campaigns. Take a look at these results for Heineken and download the case study to find out more.


higher CTR*


viewability (11% above target)

*vs cookie-enabled deals

Don't take our word for it...

“Captify have been a great partner for the Heineken business and our Birra Moretti campaign specifically. Their ability to unlock new audiences through intent data is extremely valuable for our planning and activation with Captify and across other channels. The effectiveness of the campaigns through a cookieless approach is also important for our business as we are adapting to the cookieless future."

Olya Dyachuk | Global Media & Data Director, Heineken