60 Seconds On: Brands And Investing In A C**kieless Future—With Brendan Condon
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60 Seconds On: Brands And Investing In A C**kieless Future—With Brendan Condon

By Brendan Condon, Global Chief Revenue Officer at Captify

We’ve heard directly from marketers on the barriers and concerns around c**kieless that are keeping them up at night. Although all of the answers aren’t yet written in stone, here are some actionable next steps to take as you make plans for a privacy-first future, find new partners and redistribute spend.

Main takeaways from marketers and key actions for marketers:

  • Takeaway: with impending data scarcity, there is concern that a lack of data-driven targeting will decrease ad performance
  • Action: seek out first-party, compliant datasets beyond your own that will continue to drive precise targeting at scale
  • Takeaway: agency and adtech partners will be instrumental in helping brands to overcome barriers, such as continuing to drive ROI
  • Action: lean on your agency and media partners for their c**kieless expertise— they are working hard to continue to deliver the same results
  • Takeaway: many believe standard contextual will become more important, but lack confidence in its ability to drive accurate targeting
  • Action: there’s no need to revert to contextual in its historic form—seek innovative alternatives that combine data and contextual
  • Takeaway: ‘first-party first’ strategies will be critical in a c**kieless world to identify explicit intent and build audiences
  • Action: leverage owned, search and publisher data to build full-funnel, addressable audience strategies at scale

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