60 Seconds On: Why Brands Need To Think Beyond C**kieless For True Privacy
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60 Seconds On: Why Brands Need To Think Beyond C**kieless For True Privacy

Intent, not assumptions, for the ultimate form of inclusivity

Consumer privacy doesn’t end at ‘opt-in’ or the death of the third-party c**kie— respecting consumer privacy is bigger than this. We believe that brands should be led by intent, only engaging with people that are in-market for products and services, not profiling audiences based on their demographics—age, sex, religion, gender, race—or where they go and what they read. Captify is on a mission to help brands rewrite the media brief, moving away from assumptive targeting and letting intent and data do the talking to eliminate audience bias in advertising. We are what we search.

Three principles for advertisers to live by: 

Consumers don’t fit neatly into buckets

They cannot be labeled based on their gender, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation; they are dynamic and unique, and we need to listen to how they want to be spoken to…

Passions are what matter, not pages

Let Search Intelligence do the talking…people don’t want assumptions made about them based on the websites they visit or the content they read…

Intent is the key for true inclusivity

Brands on a mission to target in a more diverse way need to stop proactively targeting ethnic groups, because by default that is not diverse at all, in fact, it eliminates audience groups who may be interested in what you have to offer. Captify’s Search Intelligence only includes audiences who have an affinity and a need or expressed intent, naturally including ‘everyone’ but only targeting those consumers who are relevant—and that is true diversity.

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