60 Seconds On: Why Brands Should Think Consumer-more, Not C**kie-less—With Dominic Joseph
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60 Seconds On: Why Brands Should Think Consumer-more, Not C**kie-less—With Dominic Joseph

By Dominic Joseph, CEO and Co-founder at Captify

News of the deprecation of the third-party c**kie sent shockwaves through the industry, with many viewing this bombshell as a threat that would undo industry advancements in audience addressability created over the past two decades. But in reality, too much hyperbole is created at the same time as ad tech players innovate with new and improved solutions. 

For an industry whose purpose is to create positive advertising experiences for consumers—from creating relevancy, building relationships to meeting their needs—the third-party c**kie never really cared at all. 

Disruption is any industry’s greatest catalyst for positive change. Think about the digital disruption of the music industry, first perceived to be negative, but ultimately it triggered innovations that gave consumers unprecedented access to music and artists unprecedented reach. Instead of focusing on what we’re losing, let’s pivot from disruption to creativity, and focus on new opportunities that will propel more impactful results.

It’s time for brands to draw a line in the sand and move towards a consumer-centric advertising that fosters a greater advertising experience. Now is not the time to settle: reverting back to contextual targeting solutions that brands relied on ten years ago is not the answer. It’s about working with data-driven partners putting an innovative twist on standard contextual with privacy and first-party data at their core, delivering connected insights and results that exceed brands’ previous expectations. 

With consumer privacy in the spotlight, publishers regaining greater control of audience relationships, and marketers building ‘first-party first’ data strategies—dynamics and roles within the ecosystem are primed for evolution. In the next couple of years, we’ll be looking at a very different LUMAscape—and is that necessarily a bad thing? It’s exciting to see independent adtech take the reins and build some of the top-performing advertising products out there.

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