Bringing The Power of Creativity To A Data-Focused Role
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Bringing The Power of Creativity To A Data-Focused Role

We speak to Nicholas Wideman, Captify’s US Salesforce Systems Admin, about his prior career in PR, and how that empowered him to bring creativity into a data role.

You’re a recent starter at Captify—tell us a bit more about what you do and how you got here. 

My background is in public relations—I found myself intrigued by the data that drove PR campaigns. This realization eventually led me to pursue database and system operations, where I now work as Salesforce Systems Administrator for the US. I also sit within the Global team, which gives me a ton of valuable insight into understanding what data we can leverage for business operations. Outside of Captify, I’m also currently undertaking my Masters in Business Operations. 

Why did you choose Captify and what’s the most important thing you’ve learned since you’ve been here?

AdTech is a whole new world to me, so I was super curious to learn from and support the best in the industry. Something very important I’ve learned since starting at Captify is how to find a balance between honoring the heritage of the organization, while pushing our goals and initiatives towards a more innovative future. Our teams’ goal is centered around data efficiency and streamlining processes that enable our employees to increase productivity and drive revenue.

How has your time been here so far? 

Being at Captify has allowed me to utilize every tool and skill I’ve gathered through my career to the fullest. So far, my favorite part has been working with and learning about each team—understanding the part each person plays in the wider business, and how all of the teams collaborate. Reflecting on how my own role works in relation to those teams has truly empowered me to understand the business as a whole. 

You’re an avid photographer—how do you combine your passion for photography with work?

There is a creative edge to everything I do. Even when I look at data and processes, I always use creative problem-solving skills. When it comes to operations, analytics helps me to understand the facts, but creativity enables me to effectively implement human-first processes. I have an eye for a variety of aesthetics and visuals, just as I have a knack for processes and numbers. I haven’t ever really understood the left brain/right brain theory, as I often use creative and analytical thinking in tandem.

Primarily, I am a portrait photographer and like to think I can capture the essence of people’s personalities. I believe every person deserves to be seen and to know that they are valuable and understood. Often, it’s more than just a photo, it’s a point of connection—the medium is just photography. 

How does Captify help to support your outside interests?

I’ve been given the opportunity to utilize my talents to capture the essence of our people. I just recently photographed and filmed an in-office Salsa Lesson we had in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. I really enjoy being able to bring the culture of Captify to life through photography!

What do you value most about working at Captify? How are Captify’s values reflected within the business? 

Each Captifyer is encouraged to bring their full selves to work—whether that’s through bringing new ideas to the table, sharing passion projects or talking about your perspectives on a new initiative. This is really what makes Captify unique: each person is truly valued within the organization. 


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