Product Perspectives: Intent-Powered CTV—Who ‘Gives A Click’?
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Product Perspectives: Intent-Powered CTV—Who ‘Gives A Click’?

Captify’s new ‘Product Perspective’ series features product experts from across the business sharing their thoughts, predictions, and views about key industry trends and challenges. In the first release of the series, Captify’s Video & CTV Specialist, Britt Augenfeld, shares why intent data has been the missing piece of programmatic TV advertising—until now.

Before pressing play on your next CTV campaign, discover how activating intent-powered audiences in CTV reaches relevant viewers who want to hear from you

It’s no marketing secret that one of the greatest ways to engage consumers is through video, with content that is relevant and emotionally connects with the viewer. With how much the world has changed in 2020, truly engaging with consumers on a human level has been more important than ever before, and differentiates one brand from another.

Think back to the last time a commercial moved you to tears, or made you chuckle from nostalgia and how that influenced your perception of the brand. It’s this type of advertising that brands use to increase brand awareness and build authentic affinity across the viewer landscape, ultimately creating a deeper connection and ‘moving’ consumers.  

The New “Remote Control”

With cord-cutting accelerating, viewers are now literally ‘connecting’ to highly personalized TV-viewing experiences wherever and whenever they want, and on their own terms. This high-attention medium presents a great opportunity for brands to reach dedicated, engaged eyeballs with their messaging. But with the higher cost of video inventory compared to traditional digital banner ads, marketers want assurance that their message plays to and resonates with relevant audiences. 

Despite the advent of CTV bridging the gap between traditional TV buying and data-driven digital, many media buyers still have preconceived beliefs about their target personas and the shows they watch based on demographic data. There is still a major blind spot in CTV advertising – what audiences actually want right now – therefore the ad experience still lags behind the personalized content experience. 

The only delivery method more powerful than storytelling through video, is doing it on the in-home big screen to a captive viewer who has shown intent, interest or affinity with your brand proposition – the pinnacle of brand advertising. 

Finding Viewers Who ‘Give A Click’

Onsite search data is the best indicator of consumer intent and the missing piece in the TV advertising puzzle until now. Combining Connected TV with understanding of consumer interest and intent is a powerful combination for both the brand and the audience. We all know how intrusive irrelevant ads are as viewers, and for marketers, spending money on uninterested eyeballs is a total waste of resources. This is where the true power of Search Intelligence comes into play. 

By collecting, connecting and categorizing billions of monthly search behaviors over 13 months, we transform intent signals into holistic, robust and rich audience profiles, at all stages of the funnel. The ‘always-on’ nature of search means Captify’s scalable audiences are refreshing in real-time, ensuring advertisers reach receptive consumers, even as behaviors change at pace. 

From Static to Ecstatic

With real-time consumer intent as the foundation for a Connected TV media buy, advertisers can confidently maximize and optimize their budgets, before a single dollar is even spent. It’s a win-win for brands and consumers alike, as brands reach relevant pre-qualified audiences, and consumers see ads that are relevant to them, creating better and more impactful experiences. 

For the first time, brands can switch off static data and harness Search Intelligence to reach audiences on their terms – bringing the most powerful dataset in advertising to the most impactful format in the market, on the most powerful screen in the world for more efficient, big brand impact. 

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