The Spirit of Sikhi: How Teams Can Celebrate A Virtual Vaisakhi
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The Spirit of Sikhi: How Teams Can Celebrate A Virtual Vaisakhi

‘Captify Voices’ spotlights employees from across the business as they reflect on their experiences, educate and inspire action around Diversity and Inclusion, particularly around historical and religious holidays. 


In the first release of the series, Inderpal Kaur Bahra, Captify’s Trading Strategist Lead, reflects on the significance of Vaisakhi, how her celebrations will be different this year and how you can join in with the celebrations from home. 

Vaisakhi is a chance for me to reflect on serving humanity, leading a truthful life and oneness. It reminds me to continue to stand up against tyranny in all forms and be accountable for my actions.

What is Vaisakhi? 

  • Celebrated annually on 13th or 14th April 
  • Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi as the creation of the “Khalsa” 
  • The Khalsa was created by the tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. At the initiation ceremony created by the Guru, Sikhs were given a formal identity which allowed people to be empowered through the Khalsa way of life.The creation of the Khalsa further cemented a Sikhs spiritual practice of recognising the divine within everything. 
  • The Khalsa way of life abolishes cast discrimination, promotes gender equality. The Khalsa was created to fight oppression, uphold freedoms enjoyed by society and to grant sovereignty to individuals who were otherwise subjugated by the laws of the land.

Traditional Vaisakhi Celebrations:

  • Vaisakhi is a time to reunite with family, tell Sakhis (stories of the Gurus), enhance and enrich spiritual practice, and of course enjoy lots of delicious food and sweet treats!
  • Vaisakhi celebrations include visiting the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) and partaking in Shabad Kirtan (devotional singing), Paath (recitation of shabads), Langar (communal food available for everyone) and Seva (selfless service).
  • Traditionally, there are Nagar Kirtans, which translates to Neighbourhood Kirtans. Nagar Kirtans aim to bring the message of the Gurus to the doorstep of the community.

How I’ll be celebrating a virtual Vaisakhi:

  • This year, my celebrations will be mainly virtual due to Covid-19. I’ll be getting in touch with family and friends, and partaking in a virtual group Paath and Shabad Kirtan with my loved ones and the community. 
  • I’ve bought gifts for all the children in my life and will be sending cards to my loved ones. I will also take the time to educate myself further on Sikh history and share my knowledge with others, including my team at Captify.

Getting involved in Vaisakhi celebrations:

  • Take a moment of your day to learn, educate others or deepen your knowledge about the significance of Vaisakhi. Here are some recommended learning materials for you to read, listen and watch:  
    • Bite size explanations of Vaisakhi and its meaningread more
    • Understand the origins and meaning of Nagar Kirtanswatch here
    • Explore the message of Vaisakhiwatch here
  • Share interesting videos, podcasts, books or articles with your teams, friends, and family to spread the message of Vaisakhi
  • Donate to charities, such as Khalsa Aid and MLSS, that help those less fortunate
  • When it’s safe to do so, visit your local Sikh gurdwara and take part in Langar
  • Wish your colleagues a Happy Vaisakhi!

Happy Vaisakhi from Captify! 


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