Suzuki: Engaging On-The-Go Auto Consumers
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Suzuki: Engaging On-The-Go Auto Consumers

When the7stars partnered with Captify for the launch of the new Suzuki Swift, Search Intelligence discovered the majority of brand, competitor and high-intent searches were made on mobile devices.

As consumer paths to purchase evolve, mobile plays an increasingly important role even in high value industries such as Automotive. The days where consumers rely solely on face-to-face dealer interactions are long gone, as buying a car becomes fragmented across online devices & offline channels.

From a new baby to a need for speed, Search Intelligence also delves into consumer mindsets to understand the real purpose, passions and motivations behind searches to enhance and optimise targeting strategies.

Want to find out how Captify disrupted consumer journeys and intercepted rival brands in this highly competitive segment? This high-impact campaign built specifically for mobile drove a CTR 2X better than the industry benchmark, immediate brand consideration and high search uplift.

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