Brands Tune In To Digital Event- Hosted By Bose, Powered By Captify
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Brands Tune In To Digital Event- Hosted By Bose, Powered By Captify

Last month, Captify partnered with Bose and Brand Innovators for a jam packed afternoon of live content, featuring leading brands discussing some of the biggest opportunities and challenges in today’s media & marketing landscape. Marketers hearing from other marketers is one of the most powerful ways to learn about new ideas for audience engagement, discover innovative technologies and learn from peers’ mistakes and successes. 

Throughout the day, we heard from leading marketers at Bose, Clarks, Dunkin’, TripAdvisor, Spindrift, John Hancock and New Balance as they tackled topics such as how legacy brands can stay fresh and modern, the importance of understanding the user journey when speaking to consumers and the current state of CTV. 

More specifically, here are some of the key learnings and takeaways that were captured from the event:

– Keith Lusby, VP-Media of Dunkin’ Brands, spoke about his company’s recent rebrand and its need to modernize while embracing its heritage. “For us,” Lusby said, “the core driver of our transformation as a brand was about finding the perfect mix of personalization at scale.”

– Clarks’ CMO, Tara McRae, shared how the brand launched its first 360° global brand ambassador campaign and offered a few key strategies for keeping their legacy brand fresh.

– Pat LaCroix, Bose’s Director of Demand Generation, talked about how Bose is putting the consumer at the heart of everything that they do. For example, Bose created a new social media series called Feedback that is designed to bring customers closer to the brand. “We’ve historically been a pretty private company,” says LaCroix. “We haven’t always been super-transparent. This series allows us to take questions from customers and have a direct dialogue with them.”

There was no better way to end the day than seeing the New England Patriots play the New York Giants at the Gillette Stadium for some Thursday Night Football. Thank you to everyone involved!


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