Captify Launches Unique Publisher Suite within Sense, Its New Search Intent-Powered Platform, Empowering Publishers to Increase the Value of Their Audiences and Inventory
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Captify Launches Unique Publisher Suite within Sense, Its New Search Intent-Powered Platform, Empowering Publishers to Increase the Value of Their Audiences and Inventory

The first of its kind, Sense allows publishers and data partners to extract value from search data, historically a blind spot and a detailed view of which is not available through Google Trends, to drive audience strategy, grow revenue and increase performance, ultimately improving yield 

Captify, the global leader in Search Intelligence, today announced the launch of a publisher interface within Sense, its search intent-powered insight, planning and activation platform built to enable data partners, media owners and publishers to unlock the true value of their audiences and inventory. Platform users will be able to make their first-party search data actionable, benchmark onsite search intent behaviors with the open web ecosystem and set their businesses up for success for a cookieless future.

Captify is the largest independent holder of search data outside of Google, collecting and connecting billions of search behaviors from 2.2bn consumers, globally.  Its cookieless Semantic engine makes sense of the data to build fresh audiences for targeting and reveal actionable insights for decisions. This engine is the backbone to Captify’s new platform interface, empowering publishers for the first time with direct access to Search Intelligence to make the most timely and critical decisions, across programmatic, monetization, data, sales, editorial and analytics teams for truly integrated and data-led business growth strategies. 

Armed with this real-time intelligence from their own site and across the open web, publishers can validate audiences by revealing intent for both endemic and non-endemic categories, such as finding a travel intender on an auto site or keep up with rapid changes in consumer priorities triggered by the pandemic to ensure advertisers reach the most relevant audiences. Additionally, editorial teams and content studios can identify and write about emerging trends so that when a consumer arrives at a site the content they are searching for is available instead of returning a negative result, helping publishers always stay ahead of the curve. 

Over the past ten years, Captify has built deep partnerships with the world’s largest publishers, helping their businesses transform through a decade of industry evolution and change. Today, publishers are faced with relentless pressure to grow traffic, grow audiences and grow revenue, all while combating macro forces that are the walled gardens, and the impending cookieless changes. With these challenges at the forefront, Sense has been built over the past 24 months to enable publishers to overcome these hurdles and future proof their businesses longevity. The platform is currently being rolled out to large media brands, publishers, vertical specialists, news, entertainment, ecommerce, price comparison and consumer reviews sites, as well as data partners, globally, helping them with real-world business scenarios right now.  

Through the Sense platform, data partners, media owners & publishers are able to:

– Increase yield by unlocking the value of their own first-party search data for the first time ever to gain a deeper understanding of how audiences are searching on owned and operated domains.

– Understand consumer intent on their own properties benchmarked against trends across the wider landscape. Fresh, live search allows publishers to keep up with the events happening everyday, revealing market trends, audience insights and user intent from around the web, allowing publishers to benchmark against audience profiles, brands, domains, etc. within their own network

– Drive new, high-value revenue streams with fresh audiences using dynamic, ‘always-on’ data that allows for qualified audience creation that meets unique advertiser goals, driving better outcomes. 

– Activate intent-driven audiences programmatically to maximize the value of inventory and activate through the industry’s major SSPs.

– Harness consumer intent to increase performance, sell-through and ultimately yield, by validating audience intent to enrich and scale segmentation strategies that better monetize audiences.

– Search insights and trends that influence editorial strategy by understanding how audiences search and engage with content onsite coupled with a lens into the media consumption trends from around the web to retain audiences, attract new visitors and grow paid subscribers. 

– Prepare publishers for a cookieless world post-Chrome changes. Integrating with Sense will set publishers up for success, utilizing identity to increase yield as well as prepare for Google Chrome changes through the creation of interest groups and more. 

“Publishers sit at the epicenter of the advertising ecosystem and are one step closer to the consumer. However, up until now, there really hasn’t been a data source that has recency, relevancy and reach together at its core that facilitates a premium consumer experience, while simultaneously driving ad revenue. It’s time search plays a more pivotal role to fuel a better bottom line for publishers instead of settling for surface-level and stale trends available in platforms such as Google Analytics,” said Dominic Joseph, Captify’s Chief Executive Officer. “In collaboration with our network of partners throughout development, our engineering and product teams have built a self-service platform to put Captify’s Search Intelligence in the hands of publishers for the ultimate audience control center.  As data partners, media owners and publishers transition to a cookieless ecosystem, Sense offers a unique value proposition—the ability to make real-time, data-backed decisions—without relying on third-party cookies.’  

Find out more information about Sense here.

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