Search Reality Meets Augmented Reality
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Search Reality Meets Augmented Reality

Approaching the busiest and most cluttered marketing and advertising period of the year, brands need to work much harder to stand out, cut through the noise, generate consideration and drive the sale.

So, it’s great timing for Captify to launch a brand-new media first offering to take brand campaigns to another level. Introducing Augmented Reality powered by Search Intelligence; where the reality of audiences’ lives meets futuristic creative execution.

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Consumers are searching all over the web, every single day, across eCommerce sites, reviews, forums, tech sites, holiday bookings and more at this time of year for gifting inspiration, hunting for deals in the sales and planning for the festive period.

Captify connects and analyses billions of rich on-site searches to uniquely discover the reality of consumers’ lives. Search reveals real-life interests, passions, motivations, trigger moments and purchase intent signals to build authentic audience profiles at all stages of the customer journey.

Powered by Search Intelligence, activate attention grabbing mobile creatives which, when initiated by the user with a simple click from a standard ad format, launch into a fully immersive AR experience in-browser, with no need for an app. Think interactive games (remember PokemonGo!), 360° interactive experiences of products & stores to face recognition for ‘try before you buy’; perfect for cosmetics, jewellery and accessories.


AR campaigns have been proven to drive;

-90% higher engagement than non-AR Formats

-45% higher attention levels than TV viewing or online browsing

-123 seconds average dwell time (vs industry benchmark 19 seconds)

Diving deeper, gain unique and bespoke insights from Search Intelligence; the largest real-time consumer panel that exists, to measure beyond the click, from brand uplift to sentiment and perception.


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