Insights E-Book: Uncover Deeper, Richer, More Emotive Insights
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Insights E-Book: Uncover Deeper, Richer, More Emotive Insights

Uncover deeper, richer, more emotive insights powered by exclusive on-site search data. Captify’s killer insights unlock the real-time truth about brands, competitors, audiences, moments, and market trends to answer the key questions that keep marketers up at night.

80% of the world’s top spending advertisers use Search Intelligence to power media & marketing decisions to solve REAL business challenges.


  • On-site data – the richest real-time data, powering planning, creative media activations & measurement on every channel & every device
  • Newly packaged actionable insights aligned to objectives & outcomes – Marketplace, Brandometer, Moments, Humanise, Intercept, Sync, React & Perform
  • From insights to action – branded case studies on powering strategies, solving challenges, driving results and turning heads

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