Insights: Lowdown On Luxury
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Insights: Lowdown On Luxury

In the past, luxury brands have been reluctant to invest in digital at the risk of sacrificing exclusivity and the perceived inability to recreate the quality of their traditional print and TV campaigns with digital formats. The way users consume content is continuously evolving and luxury brands are starting to embrace digital and shift their spend to online channels, with $1bn spent on digital ads in 2016 alone.

The challenge faced by luxury brands is to maintain their elite brand status, whilst identifying and engaging consumers with confidence across the digital channels they now use everyday.

From aspirational browsers to in-market luxury die-hards, the honesty of search allows luxury brands to understand users’ inner-life motives and identify intent signals in ‘real-time’.

Captify’s planning team have taken a deep dive into one of the world’s most iconic and renowned fashion houses, Gucci. Search Intelligence revealed 4 killer insights that Gucci and other luxury brands should learn from to uncover and engage their ‘real’ luxury consumers.

1) Window shopping

65% of people searching for Gucci products aren’t actually in-market (based on previous searches)

2) Take me to your leader

Despite Gucci campaigns featuring models Dakota Johnson, Hari Nef and Petra Collins, their brand is more aligned to Kanye West and Rihanna. Expand reach by tapping into broader influencer categories.

3) Live & die luxury

Users searching around Gucci also searched for luxury car brands BMW and Audi. Reach and engage users who live and die luxury across multiple product categories.

4) Unlock hidden audiences

16.8% of searches for Gucci are linked to ‘Art and Design’, whilst 14.65% of searches are linked to ‘Sport’

If you would like to find out about what Captify’s Search Intelligence can reveal about your brand get in touch.

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