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The Revival Index: The ‘Lipstick Effect’ Gives Way To The ‘Eyeliner Effect’

With lockdown restrictions starting to be eased and lifted across the globe, brands need to be agile and react to evolving mindsets as consumers navigate the road back to purchase.

Captify’s latest insights study, The Revival Index, helps brands to keep a real-time pulse on intent signals across 10 key verticals. This week’s edition also deep-dives into beauty, uncovering the impact of the pandemic on pampering and dynamic search trends around the changing behavior of 119.1 million beauty consumers.

The Revival Desk – Powered by Sight, Captify’s Insights Studio

If you’re interested in finding out how your brand is being impacted by revival and keeping a pulse on when verticals are starting to bounce back, get in touch with your local Captify Account Team.

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