60 Seconds On: Why A ‘First-Party First’ Strategy Is Gold Dust In A C**kieless World—With Fiona Davis
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60 Seconds On: Why A ‘First-Party First’ Strategy Is Gold Dust In A C**kieless World—With Fiona Davis

By Fiona Davis, Chief Operating Officer at Captify

First-party data will undoubtedly be a hot commodity, but what hasn’t been discussed is what’s actually available to marketers and how you can make the most of it, even if you haven’t been putting first-party first, until now. 

First things, first, why take a ‘first-party first’ approach? 

This is the best choice. Data sources that relied on third-party c**kie collection or aren’t compliant with global regulations, will no longer be viable. The good news is that this change actually leads to some major perks for brands:

  • Trust and Transparency: using consented data grants you permission to ‘speak to the consumer’ creating trust between you and your audiences
  • Options beyond walled gardens: less reliance on the likes of Google & Facebook to understand and reach audiences means you can access other alternatives besides the walled gardens
  • Stronger marketing foundations: marketing strategies with high-quality, compliant data at their core allow you to make smarter plans and deliver results

    Wondering how to find more first-party data beyond your own?

    Fortunately, there’s more out there than you might think. Here are the first-party data sources that you can tap into to connect with audiences and drive results for your brand:

    • Brand’s first-party data, leverage what you’ve got: maximize your own powerful first-party data and work with partners that can model off your high-value customers to reach more
    • Publishers, leverage their ecosystem: many publishers own a wealth of first-party data on their specific audiences that can be leveraged to expand your own
    • First-party Search Intelligence, leverage for scale: Captify is the largest independent holder of first-party search data, allowing brands to achieve the reach needed to win more customers, in the most privacy-centric way   

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